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What a luck! If you’re looking for a highly reliable, super fuel efficient, strong, comfortable and just really cool 4x4 we’ve got something for you! After being on the road for over 20.000km, Silvie and I are about to sell our 2009 Nissan X-trail.

Let’s get it over with: we’re asking 7750 EUR or 9000 USD.

Under the hood
This beauty of a car has a 2.5-liter engine and with its 4 cylinders and multipoint injection the 169 horses will allow you to concur any off-road path/mountain. I truly believe the car offers a perfect balance between strength and comfort; we’ve been able to explore the hazardous altiplano of Bolivia without any problems and driven up to 170 kmph on the beautifully paved Routa 40 in Argentina. After our adventure the mileage of the car will be around 138.000 km or 87.750 miles and is in good shape to drive at least 60.000 kilometers. We’ve deliberately bought the car with a manual gearbox. We figured that if you run into problems with a manual gearbox the fix is easier than with an automatic gearbox (parts for the automatic gearbox are far more difficult to get). To finish with the super important piece of information that the X-trail has a strong, metal, timing chain which outlives a rubber timing belt about 3 to 4 times.

Fuel consumption
Couldn’t be happier with the fuel consumption. We averaged on 12 kilometers per liter, combining the long-asphalted roads with windy dirt roads and traffic-heavy cities. For example, when driving from Lima to Huaraz the car drank 32 liters, covering 416 horizontal kilometers and gain 4050 vertical meters. That’s 1 in 13: not too bad, huh? With a 50 liter gastank you’re good for 600 kilometers. We didn’t buy any additional jerry cans since gas stations where around the corner everytime.

We can’t really believe that we didn’t have any big issues on the road. Obviously, we’ve treated the car with great care and that paid off: we’ve been to the mechanic only twice. Once in Chile for squeaking breaks (easy fix by polishing them) and we’ve encountered a nasty nail in a Peruvian bridge (tire was fixed the next day within 15 minutes). Apart from this, the X-trail ran smooth and without strange noises.

We’re from the Netherlands and so we’re fairly tall. Measuring a good 197cm (Frank) and 185 cm (Silvie) our main concern was that we would have a long and comfortable bed. We ended up buying two high quality child mattresses (not that crappy foam-stuff) measuring 140cm by 190cm. With this size of the bed ánd the comfort of the car’s isolation we’ve had countless comfortable nights. The rain, the cold, even some frost couldn’t hurt us while sleeping. As far as camping gear: the car comes with a table, two chairs, a 2kg propane tank and cooker, pots and pans, cutlery, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows and everything else you can think of. Aren’t we done yet? No! While driving the car offers air-conditioning, a decent sound system, powered steering, ABS and the option to change from 2WD, 4WD and AWD.

- The car had a 10.000 km check done by an official Nissan dealer.
- Has a Permiso de circulación (Chile) until 31/03/2019.
- Has the best International Insurance money can buy in South America covering the countries Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brasil, Peru, Chile. Valid until April 2019
- The official technical inspection is valid until September 2018.

All in all, we couldn’t have been happier with this car. Even though we have been off-roading for quite a bit it has been a stable and easy to go car all along.  Maybe it’s good to know that we won’t sell the car before a mechanic has done a general check on the car. Just to make sure that you know what you’re buying.

When and where?
The car is available from SEPTEMBER on in Santiago. Let us know when you will be available for a test-drive!

We’re happy to answer all questions at:
[email protected] or;

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