PRICE DROP! 1998 Dodge Ram Van B3500 (Extended) Converted Campervan; MEXICO - CALIFORNIA, USA.

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PRICE DROP! 1998 Dodge Ram Van B3500 (Extended) Converted Campervan; MEXICO - CALIFORNIA, USA.


1998 Dodge Ram Van 3500 (Extended Long Wheelbase) – Fully equipped converted campervan, 2RWD although benefits from high-clearance which has left us almost unstoppable!

SELLING NOW in Mexico,  (possibly USA – November/December)
*Registered in California, USA - until April 2019

We bought our Dodge Ram 3500, Besty, in Costa Rica last year and we've been road-tripping through Central America since! We initially started our adventure backpacking in South America and thought we'd mix things up a bit with having our own little home-on-wheels for a while. We've definitely been able to extend our travels and loved every minute of the adventure so far but the time has come to pass her on to the next explorers.

She's been our perfect travel companion and we'd ideally like to sell her on to other travellers in Central America. We are currently in Mexico; we have the flexibility to travel to either side of Mexcio where there are free states in order to sell a vehicle on to fellow travellers (Baja California or Quintana Roo) as we are basing ourselves in Oaxaca for now; we'd also consider driving to California for the right buyer. We are a couple from the UK wishing to sell the van as we've owned her for almost a year for our road trip through Central America. We hope to pass her on to another adventurous traveller or couple to contnue the freedom and happiness she has brought to our lives. 

If you have any questions, send me a PM or email [email protected]. The price is negotiable so throw us an offer, what’s the worst that can happen?

PRICE DROP: $6,499

- Automatic Transmission
- Power Steering (steering wheel lock)
- Electric Front Windows
- Electric Side Mirrors
- Cruise Control
- Central Locking (x2 two main keys)
- Two front-panel car charging points (x1 12v)
- Pop open (and lockable) rear door windows (x3) + side window
- Air Conditioning
- Radio with CD input and AUX input
- All front gauges in working order
- Two front seats with seatbelts
- Lockable fuel cap (x2 keys)
*High clearance
**Two copies of the Owner’s Manual
*** Fully maintained

MILEAGE: 181,000 miles


- Replaced (March 2018)
o Radiator and coolant change
o Drive belt & tensioner pulley
o Driveshaft repair
o New front grill and facias
- Oil & filter service (April 2018) - will be fully serviced and inspected again in November 
- Steering arm repair (welding, new bushes etc. April 2018)
- New front brakes (October 2018)
- New rear brakes (June 2018)
- New rear passenger side tyre (June 2018) - spare tyre as standard stored under the rear end

- New main battery; warranty with Autozone, Mexico (replaced purely because of a refund issue we had so we replaced the van’s starter battery for a new one with warranty)
- Regular wear & tear items i.e. light bulbs replaced, wing screen washers etc.
- Refitted the internal rear-view mirror securely
- All fluids regularly checked and topped up (extra fluids stored in the van i.e. engine oil, coolant, transmission, power steering, brake fluids + funnels)
- Emergency road triangle warnings x2
- Fire extinguisher
- Tyre jack kit & emergency spare tyre spray
- x2 sets of jump leads
- Toolbox (i.e. tape measure, screwdrivers, handsaw, machete (coconut hunting), nuts & bolts etc.)

Previous owners replaced the following:
- The Starter Motor
- The Alternator
- The Stereo
- The Air Filter
- The Oil Filter
- The Fuel Filter
- The Fan Belt
- Four tires
- The Differential
- Brake pads



We had a complete new internal electrical system fitted in May 2018. The secondary battery is connected to a removable roof-mounted solar panel and receives charge from the alternator when the van is running – N.B. there is a trip-switch between the secondary battery and the alternator at the side of the driver’s seat to kill this connection to prevent a draw from the main battery when the engine is off.

- New secondary battery (LTH Deep Cycle Solar 12v battery) New April 2018
- 100w solar panel (roof-mounted and detachable for portable use into sunnier areas if the van is parked in the shade with extension cable)
- Solar charge controller + 2 USB points (outdoor LED timer function)
- 10m solar panel extension cable
- 12v internal fan mounted by bed + 12v plug-in portable fan (+ USB desk fan) = x3
- Four LED warm-light strips (two internal, one waterproof outdoor strip solar timed or manual switch, rear strip for cooking area (all with installed light switches)
- RV LED lamp (reading light above bed)
- Double USB points with 12v car charger points for electric shower use (x2 - front and rear)
- Single car charger point fitted on the battery box for fridge use.
- 600 Watt inverter with x2 power inputs and x2 USB points
- Insignia power adaptor with 8 power inputs
- DOMETIC 12v Fridge (freezer capability)
- 175 Watt juice blender
- Electric power camping shower; 12v (pop-up tent for privacy)
- Camping lantern (multiple charging options)
- Tri-light solar camping light
- Inflatable solar lamp
- X2 Solar fairy light strips (used internally but can be outdoor)
- X2 battery fairy lights
- (xmas lights and some decs to celebrate the festive season)



- A fold out desk with two wooden stools (also storage boxes)
- Four draw storage chest with battery house attached
- Five under bed compartments; one ‘hidden’ section, two easily accessible from bedside, two accessible from either side of bed frame
- Two ‘junk’ pots for electronics and snacks in the driver’s area
- 1 IKEA (very comfortable and in excellent condition) mattress
- 1 mattress protector
- 2 fitted sheets
- 2 bed sheets
- 1 quality duvet
- 4 pillows
- 2 cushions
- Picnic blanket (woollen)
- Single inflatable camping mattress (internal foot pump)
- 1 sleeping bag
- Extremely well secured safety deposit box (we couldn’t even remove the safe ourselves to repair the reset button – lol) (x2 keys + pin-code activation)
- Coleman camping stove
- BBQ grill (collapses down into a small bag_
- 20 litre propane gas bottle (regular use (2-3 times per day = 3months)
- Coleman high-pressure hose attachment (additional hose for normal cooking unit)
- x2 5 gallon garafone water bottles (one rear for cooking, one internal with pump for accessible drinking water)
- Plant pot holder (extremely sturdy mounted to the chest of drawers) x5 plant pots
- Door mounted bookcase/storage box
- Fruit basket
- Toilet roll holder, kitchen roll holder, tea-towel hangers

- Plastic tarp for rain coverage at the side doors (approx.. 3m x 1.5m)

- Large woven straw door/picnic mat
- Emergency toilet
- Exercise equipment i.e. yoga mats, football, boxing glove set, Pilates wraps, mini-ankle weights
- 3 snorkel sets
- beach sun umbrella
- X-large umbrella
- Washing line, pegs, bungie cords
- Various citronella garden candles, bug spray, coils and josh sticks etc.


- 4x bowls
- 4x dinner plates + x4 plastic lunch plates
- 4x mugs
- 4x knives, forks, spoons
- 2x plastic wine glasses + x2 drinking cups + x2 shot glasses
- 1x 10” non-stick pan
- 1x 12” non-stick pan
- 1x 10” non-stick pot

- 1x kettle

- 1x toaster plate
- 1x ladle
- 1x spatula
- 2x cooking spoons
- 1x wooden spoon
- 2x cheese grater
- x1 lemon juicer
- 1x can opener
- 1x bottle opener
- 1x spiralizer
- 2x strainer + x2 coffee strainer
- 1x vegetable peeler
- Knife set – 3 knives
- Assorted Tupperware – 6 pieces
- 1x 45L Esky/Cooler
- 1x 55L kitchenware tub
- 1x 72L Storage tub
- 2x 5L small storage tubs – fit under seats
- 2x 26L Water Tanks
- 2x 25L Fuel/water Tanks – ONLY used as water tanks

- All newly fitted mosquito netting to rear and side pop out windows with Velcro strip for easy removal 
- Sunshields for front windows & phone/device holder
- Magnetic mosquito net curtains for the main side door access
- All the internal curtains have been recently replaced lovingly made by me; full rail curtains around the bed, magnetic curtains for side door windows

Additional photos can be taken upon request!

Thanks for looking! :-)

For more pictures checkout the Craiglists post or FB groups were posted on 'Panamerican Travellers Association' & marketplace i.e. 'Overlanding Buy & Sell' (limited KB on here so only uploaded a few)

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Typo = Year of Registration is 1998

Oops... typo! It's a 1998 Dodge! 

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 09:48

Price Drop! Available Now in Mexico...

We've just made it back to Mexico, we're looking to sell-on to other travellers here, with a view to transfer the vehicle over within a few state or the border before Christmas. 



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Hey guys is this still available it looks awesome! I’ve just emailed you. Thanks. Ella 

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Hi guys! This looks awesome