Price Drop, Astro Van 2002 AWD For Sale in Santiago mid/end of June 2019

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#1 Tue, 05/21/2019 - 07:10

Price Drop, Astro Van 2002 AWD For Sale in Santiago mid/end of June 2019

Last Price : 5600 euros


So, there it is, my beautiful traveling machine is for sale.

To take on the road from mid of June onward

Around Santiago (Chile).

So what is it?

It's THE Chevrolet ASTRO van, 2002 model.
It's unstoppable (4x4 automatic - AWD + manual tow/haul)
It's independent (100L. gas tank + 20L. jerrycan)
It's powerful (motor v6 4.3L, gasoline)
It's comfortable (Automatic gears, cruise control, hydraulic direction)

It's a great bedroom (foldable bed, led lights built-in)
It's a great kitchen (sink, cooking stove, ELECTRIC FREEZER, full size gas bottle, lots of storing space)
It's a great water bottle (roof water tank / shower, inside water tank)
It's a power plant (Solar panels, two batteries, inverter)
It's a legal no-brainer (American plate)

With 345 000 KM(time of sale) on meter, this motor is barely touching half-life.

"And, how much petrol does it use?"

Between 13 and 15l/100 km. Patagonian winds dependant, mainly. Those who have been there, they know.

"Ok, I love it! Is there anything wrong with it?"

Being from 2002, it has lived some lives already. It's in really good shape, drives good, lives good.
Minor stuff went through the years: Locks are independent and key only. One arm-rest would need fixing...
During its former lives it has needed repairs, which have been done thoroughly. I have most of the receipt for them.

Fixed brake fluid leak,
New start valve (automatic),
Change of cylinder head gasket.

I will obviously do a big check-up before the sale and change anything that’s needed! Will have a new set of tyres and timing belt for the sale!


"It's American plated? What does it mean and why does it matter?"

Ok, let me tell you: in Latin America you can buy vehicles from the country you are in, or any vehicle travelling into them. Locally, the only country that you can safely buy vehicles from is Chile. But things are changing, and there is countless stories of person being stopped at the border, not able to cross with their Chilean vehicles (there is trick out there, but it's never 100% guaranteed to work). On top of that buying Chilean car involves quite some paperwork, and it has a price too.

Then you can buy a foreign vehicle. You would need one that you can actually own, and the best in this category is : USA.

It's easy (I can explain the details), has a mild cost (250$ charge of service, and some more for taxes and FedExing documents) is completely legal, and you get to be the owner of the car. Or we could also just do a poder, which gives you the legal rights to drive the van without having to transfer the ownership and change the plates!                                                                

Which means :


I’ve been traveling from Chile to Ecuador with this van, going through Peru and Bolivia as well, not one problem crossing the borders, just the usual paperwork! This van literally took me everywhere, From the beach to the Altiplano, the desert and river crossings, the Jungle etc.. it can go anywhere!
My car is registered in the US, in Washington state, and has had four non-American owners (French, as it happened) before you,
and they were all very happy about it!
"Ok, let's do it!"
"Ok, let's do it, but I’d like to ask some questions"
Please do!
Just PM me on Facebook(Axel L’air) or send an e-mail at : axel [ d o t ] richard35 [ weird A ] gmail [ you know the end of that ]
Whatsapp : +33784444897.
More pictures, videos, live call, advices on overlanding, technical details, you can ask anything really.
Know that because I am on the road I can’t always answer right away. But I'll get back to you :-)