PRICE DROP: Ready to go 4Runner 4x4 with rooftop tent and full camping setup. Chile

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PRICE DROP: Ready to go 4Runner 4x4 with rooftop tent and full camping setup. Chile

New price: CLP 6,900,000 (approx. US$10 900)

We are a couple from New Zealand and have been overlanding South America for the past few months. Unfortunately the South America portion of our trip is coming to an end so our camper is now available for purchase.

We bought the car in Santiago and converted it into a camper ourselves. All the camping gear and the rooftop tent were bought brand new in February. We have absolutely loved our set up and it has been an awesome way to explore South America including Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. The car has been very reliable and we have had no worries driving some of the more rugged and remote routes in the region.

Vehicle Specs:
Very good condition 2004 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 (full 4wd - 2H, 4H & 4L to allow you to find the best camping spots)
Engine: 4L V6 (Great engine - averaged 11L/100km throughout Bolivia at altitude)
Currently on 142 000 km's.
Milage report available. Note = some cars in Chile have their clocks rolled back - so watch out for fakes and always ask for the history report!
Tinted rear windows.

Maintenance History:
124000km - Front and rear brakes
124000km - Wheel allignment
130000km - New battery
132000km - Oil filter and oil change
138000km - Air filter
139750km - Oil filter and oil change

Tyres are in good condition, spare tyre looks brand new
Revision Tecnica certificate valid until September 2018

Camping Setup:
Rooftop tent:
One of the biggest on the market, very easy to use and made from durable canvas. Excellent condition. Stands up to wind and rain, comfortable and the overhanging entrance provides great shade/rain cover eliminating the need for an awning (see photos).

2.3m long x 1.7m wide matress
King size warm duvet and duvet cover
2x Pillows + 4x Pillow cases
King size sheet
King size fleece blanket
2x Cushions

Full camping set up:
2x Camping chairs
Collapsable table
40L fridge (12V or 230V) to keep your meat and drinks cold
Dual burner camping stove - uses propane gas canisters
Kettle, frying pan, pot, strainer, toaster
Charcoal BBQ
3x Large organiser tubs
All your cutlery needs plus glasses, cups, plates, bowls, cooking and BBQ utensils
Chopping board & grater
Pizza tray
2x Tupperwares
Dishwashing and cleaning equipment including bucket
2x fishing rods, reels and a few lures (we were successful in catching some trout in Southern Chile)

Car Interior:
2x wardrobe organisers
Netting on ceiling for storage
Rear seats removed to allow space for storage and sleeping/lounging in the back of the car

Additional Extras:
Electric generator - 600W max output - very quiet and efficient. 4L of petrol will run the fridge and charge all your devices for over six hours. 230V ac & 12V dc output
2x 20L Jerry cans - recommended for when you want to go to some remote places especially the lakes region in Bolivia
40L solar shower - also good for storing some extra water for long trips
Additional battery (for running the fridge at night)
12V Battery charger
5m Extension cord and multi-plug (all Chilean plugs)
FM Transmitter
12V-to-230V inverter (150W max).
Safety kit (compulsory in some countries - includes fire extinguisher, hi-viz, triangle, etc)
Jumper cables
Steering Lock
Wheel Clamp
Straps and bungy cords
Window shades and windscreen reflector

Tools included: Ratchet set, oil filter wrench, carpet knife, flat & Philips screw driver

For any inquiries and more photos please contact [email protected] or Whatsapp +64211746830.

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