PRICE DROP: Year 2000, Dodge Ram 2500 Van with Californian Plates, 137 000 Miles. Selling Mid- Late July 2015 Santiago, Chile.

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PRICE DROP: Year 2000, Dodge Ram 2500 Van with Californian Plates, 137 000 Miles. Selling Mid- Late July 2015 Santiago, Chile.

We have had the time of our lives road- tripping from California to Chile and it is now time to sell the vehicle that has comfortably got us to here. We were originally going to sell it in Panama, though loved the car so much that we wanted to keep him through South America as well. We are more than happy to go over the car with you, over a day or two as well as help with any enquiries about the big journey!
We bought it in LA and have driven down from there. It has AC, High clearance, good tires, clean and new interior. (outside exterior isn't flashy but that is exactly why we bought it!) We have invested a lot of money into making this the most comfortable and reliable van possible. We built the entire interior ourselves. It has a futon that can fit 4 people comfortably though we pull it out and use it as our bed mostly. We have also built two deep wooden draws for storage. The interior is wooden with insulation for both hot and cold climates

Also the car will come with EVERYTHING you need for your journey. Because many places in Mexico, Central and South America are quite remote we made sure that we had everything we needed in-case we came across any troubles. All mechanical tools, work tools, camping equipment, storage tubs, mosquito nets, cooking equipment, electrical and more will be included with the van. We have thought the entire time, 'the people who buy this van eventually will be so set!' We were hoping to find a van that was perfect for the trip in LA all ready set up as a camper but we didn't so we created it!

We have had the car serviced every 5, 000 Miles with receipts and documents for all car purchases and mechanical services.

List of items included with the car…

All Mechanical Equipment includes:

- Die-Hard Portable Power Supply (Battery Pack 120Volt) includes jump-starting kit, light, air-compressor, inverter, cigarette lighter, USB power supply.
- 2 Spare tires
- Jumper leads
- 5 Gallon Gerry Can
- Hand Tools including… pliers, side-cutters, shifter, long-nose pliers, multi- grips, 3x Flathead Screwdrivers (S,M,L), 3x Phillips head Screwdrivers (S,M,L), Stanley Knife
- 32 Piece Spanner and Wrench Set
- Cigarette Light Air Compressor
- Tire Puncture Repair Kit
- Fuse Repair Kit
- 2x Tow- Ropes
- 2 Heavy- Duty Jacks
- 2 Heavy- Duty Jack Stands
- 22” Lug Wrench
- 2x Funnel (1x Long, 1x Short)
- 4 Spare Engine Hoses
- Cigarette Lighter Fuses
- Spare Car Fluids: Brake Fluid, Power Steering fluid, Coolant, Engine Oil.
- 3x Tire Pressure Gauges
- Spare Head and Tail lights
- Steel Epoxy Putty
- Crimp Lugs
- Self Tapping Screws
- Collapsible Shovel
- 5 Spare Car Keys

Camping and Living Equipment

- Gas Cooking Stove with spare gas cans
- Electrical cooking stove (120 Volt)
- Cooking equipment including pot, pan, strainer, utensils, plates, bowls, cups, containers etc.
- 2x Camp chairs
- Mosquito Net for bed
- Solar Camp Shower
- Water Pump Spray
- Drinking water container with pump
- Cooler- Medium size
- Tarp and pegs
- Trash Bin
- Wash Buckets/ Wetsuit containers
- 5 Storage Containers that fit neatly under the bed
- Cigarette lighter fan
- I-Phone 5 Charger/ Auxiliary Sound Plug-in

Travel Guides and Maps

- Lonely Planet: South America
- Lonely Planet: Central America
- Lonely Planet: Trekking Patagonia
- A Rough Guide: Peru
- National Geographic: Scenic Byways and Highways USA
- National Geographic: Guide to National Parks USA
- Gringos guide to Driving through Mexico and Central America
- Maps: Baja California x2, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile x 2.

Electrical and Other Inclusions…

- Surfboard 6, 2” JS Model.
- Compaq Laptop with charger.
- Brand New Mexican Cell Phone
- Cell phone for Nicaragua
- Extension lead with 2 prong adapter
- Surf-board repair kit.

If you are interested please email: [email protected] and/or [email protected]

We have a blog if you are interested in taking a look at our adventures with the car:
We are now asking US $4500 O.N.O 

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