PRICE UPDATE: $3200 MINIVAN CAMPER NISSAN Quest with Queen size bed (memory foam matress) near LA

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#1 Wed, 05/17/2017 - 12:31

PRICE UPDATE: $3200 MINIVAN CAMPER NISSAN Quest with Queen size bed (memory foam matress) near LA


We are selling our lovely car, Foxy, a Nissan Quest Minivan Camper 3.3L V6 OHV 12V from 1999 with currenty 106k miles!!!
We will be in the Los Angeles area the last week of June and looking for a new owner(s) for Foxy.

We are asking for $3200 (this includes also all the gear detailed below). Feel free to contact us to have a chat about the van.

Some history about Foxy:
We bought the car at a dealership outside of SF, car had only had one previous owner. We have the full car report showing full clearance, we can send it to you if you are interested. When we bought it it had only 100K miles. After a bit over 2 months, we have driven close to 6000 miles, so we assume that at the time of selling (end of June), the mileage will be around 107k miles.

The conversion:
We have removed all passenger seats and built a queen size bed in the back. The bed comes with a great memory foam matress, a huge duvet, sheets, a blanket and a big pillow. The bed has hinges and can be folded up at about 2/3s of the length. There is ample storage under the bed, all the boxes we have bought will come along with the car. We have installed curtains in the front and back (we sowed the back one ourselves:) ). On the side windows we have installed sun reflecting shades that also block visuals into the car (can be taken off of course).

We sell the car with all the storage boxes. In addition you can have our cooking stove, pots and pans, most of the utensils, and of course the curtains. All in all you'll be ready to hit the road almost immediately.

We have the seats stored and can of course transfer them to you if you are interested. However we would like to sell with the lovely bed setup we have made, we believe Foxy is much better as a camper minivan than a passenger car!

One full tank can go for about 380 miles, (we never ran completely dry, but we once did 60 miles on the reserve red line). Wheels are in good conditions. The car has some bumps and scratches, nothing major, the ones we have noticed can be seen in the pictures. Car is yearly registrated until end of August (just needs to get its yearly registration at the DMW which you can do at the same time as you reregister the car in your name). Pink Slip will be transmitted to new owner.

Car details:
- Californian plates
- year 1999
- automatic gearbox
- cruise control
- climate control (AC/Heater)
- CD player/radio/tape player (we use a tape player with wire to play music from our phones)
- 2 USB charger sockets one in the front, one in the back
- Assuming close to 107k miles when selling in end of June
- 1 spare tire
- interior is good

Additional gear:

- Cooking stove, runs on buthane
- 3 pots in different sizes and one small frying pan
- Stirring spoon and spatula
- Cutting board
- Curtains for front and back, sunscreen window covers for front and side windows.
- Double duvet, blanket, sheets, pillow

to contact us, send us a message on whatsapp at +4792059236 or or our local cell phone at 415-361-2368

Best regards, Line and Robin

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