PRICEDROP! Surfmobil / Campingvan for sale in Santigo de Chile, end of June'17, 4.200 USD negotiable

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PRICEDROP! Surfmobil / Campingvan for sale in Santigo de Chile, end of June'17, 4.200 USD negotiable

2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Primetime Van for sale in Santiago de Chile in the end of June 2017
- 5.9 L V8, 165.000 Miles
- 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
- Full Equipped Camping Setup

We’ve travelled in this van for the past 10 month and it has been a very reliable travel-companion.
The Van is in good condition, we haven’t had any technical issues on the 15.000 Miles we drove it. We’ve changed the oils and filters in engine and transmission regulary on our trip. The rear tires are new Mud-Tires which help a lot in rough terrain. It also just got new front breaks.
The car is equipped with power windows and mirrors, adjustable power driver´s seat, cruise control and trailer hitch with US-trailer electrics.
There are some scratches and little rust here and there and the driver´s door has a big dent from an accident in Mexico. Also we had to replace a rear window with a metal plate. Nothing of that affects the functionality of the car and can be replaced with original parts without any changes.

The interior is kept mostly original with comfortable carpet and window blinds all around. It has a big bed with mosquito net build inside, which folded up still gives you the original seats and seatbelts. Underneath there is a lot of room for storage, watertank and camping-gear, which comes with this van.
The kitchen comes with a two-plate gas-stove, that can easily be put outside if you are cooking fish or something smelly ;)
The roof rack, gives extra room for stuff, such as surfboards or other things you don’t need to have inside.
The car comes with North Carolina license plates and registration.

Equipment that comes with the van:

Cooking equipment (pot, pan etc.)
kitchen equipment (Cotlury for three people)
stove + 10kg gas tank for inside and outside
outdoor table
Bluetooth adapter for radio (with Aux option)
rear USB and 12V charger
Good sound system (6 speaker)
outdoor sun/rain tarp
12V air compressor
spare tire
grease gun
spare fuel can (2 Gallons)
pillows and blankets
basic fishing equipment
25L + 20L Watertanks
We consider this car as a good option for driving the Americas. Its big engine is powerful and has no problem with the high of the Andes. Everything is built really solid and the ground clearance allows you to go anywhere you want. Travelling and therefor living in this car is totally fine with up to four people. It is a big American van with lots of space for storaging, sleeping, eating or waiting for the sun to come out again.
The Dodge is ready to drive back to North America or whatever place you want to see in South America. Due to its size it will fit in a standard cube container for shipping.

Price: 4.200 USD negotiable ;)
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!
Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +49 1781495666

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Pricedrop :)

Fri, 06/02/2017 - 09:54

Price drop: 4200 USD

Price drop: 4200 USD