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Our van is ready for a new adventure after having taken us till “the end of the world” (Fin del Mundo - Ushuaia), across Patagonia, Atacama desert, Cochabamba Tropic Jungle or the highness -during several weeks- of Jama (5000msnm), NOA or the Altiplano Boliviano (+4000msnm), among many others. All in all, through any kind of road. She has been a great home for us to travel with. Now the time for her to find new adventure partners has come.

Mitsubishi L-300
Year: 2001
Engine: 4D56 2.5 Turbo diesel
Fuel: Diesel
Mileage: 9 litres/100km
Front Seats: 3
Kilometers: 252.000 NEW ENGINE 242.000
Price: 6850 

Permiso de circulacion: march 2018

Chilean plates

All papers will be up to date for immediate sale

The van has been completely refurbished into a comfi and practical campervan.
It has been designed with a L-shaped couch that can be extended into a double bed (with thick foam mattress, 2 comfortable pillows, 2 sets of bed sheets, blankets...). Below itself is all storaging space. Spacious storage spaces on both sides, and backwards (including a secret wardrobe). One of these storage spaces can also be a desk/table. It has a double isolation layer: one fiber glass layer plus a wooden panelling. Separated kitchen space, which allows you to cook from outside or from inside when weather conditions require it; double security on every back door; mosquito-net on camper windows and back door; front and backwards heating system; radio -USB; Power Inverter 400W(12V to 220-240V) connected to an auxiliar battery which is self-charged when the car is running, avoiding you to ever run out of electricity (electrical points for charging phones, laptops, etc. will always be available). Besides, it holds a book shelter, that’s been our beloved library along the trip.



-Mitsubishi is a very common vehicle around South America, therefore easy to find spare parts and mechanics that know how to work whatever out.

-Its diesel engine will allow you to save plenty of money in front of a gasoline one.

-Its Turbo offers a big strength to the van and makes it so smooth to drive over 3000msnm.

-CAMOUFLAGE: Naturally, with all its years the van has some scratches, bruises, and rusty parts, but nothing extraordinary. Nevertheless, this, plus the stealthy look from the outside, turn her into a “Camouflage CamperVan”, ressembling nothing else than a loading van: you cannot see the living area when doors are closed and it doesn’t look like a camper from the outside (there was never an attempt to break in).

-Security lock system at the back door, that can only be manipulated from the inside.


-2 camping chairs
-1camping table (which fits perfectly to eat inside the van too when required)
-1 battery table-light/lantern (3 positions: standing; hanged; hold as a lantern)
-1 cooler storage
-1 burner gas stove
-All kitchen items (pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc.)
-2 plastic boxes for storage (20 l each)
-20 l water tank
-20 l solar shower
-Plastic x3 mini-boxes storage
-Portable grill for making “asado” anywhere plus its cooking tools
-Grill for making toasts
-Eco-Walking sticks x2


We have taken good care of the van, regularly doing revisions, replacing oil and filters every 8000 km and spare parts ahead of time. (We keep the receipts from every reparation):

-NEW ENGINE 242.000 km
-NEW BRAKES (front and back) 246.000 km
-NEW TYRES 215 75 r 14, 4x4 model, with only 20.000 km (+Rotation, alignment and pressure maintenance)
-NEW shock-absorber 249.000 km
-NEW water pump 242.000 km
-Radiator flushed and cleaned 242.000 km
-Accessory belt changed 228.000 km
-Timing belt changed 242.000 km
-Starter motor repaired 240.000 km
-Fuel inyector cleaned 242.000 km


-Full tool box & most stuff you need to maintain the car
-Fire extinguisher
-First aid kit
-Warning triangles
-2 reflective vest
-1 jack tool
-1 tow ribbon
-1 spare tyre
-20 l diesel tank
-“Guia de ruta Firestone Argentina” with maps of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brasil
-Steering wheel blocker
-Security Safe Box (mostly for keeping money and documents safe)
-Universal battery charger (for cell, SD…) to be connected to car lighter


You can leave a comment or send us a message. We are still on the road, so we try to react as fast as possible. If you have any questions or want to see more photos, feel free to contact us. The fastest way for us might always be watsapp (unless there’s no sign at all): +34 616503478
+34 607636505

Otherwise, here's our e-mail address: [email protected]

Sat, 09/30/2017 - 14:49

Hi there,

Hi there,

We are interested in the van, but do you think it is possible to buy (transfer ownership) in Colombia. Because so far our research says no. 

Currently we are in Costa Rica and we really need to buy a car in Colombia as soon as possible..

Fri, 10/13/2017 - 13:09 (Reply to #2)

Van in Colombia ASAP? That could be us! :)

Hello Rumi, 

Thanks for your message. Actually we know about many travellers that have done so, so we made our research as well and it turns up to be absolutely legal and simple! :)

If you'd like to write us straight to our watsapp it'll be easier for us to answer you much faster (since being on road is quite difficult for us to find wifi), and we would be more than happy to explain all the process as detailed as you require. 

The number is in our advert, however we can add it here for you in case you missed it:


(Only one of the numbers might have connection at a time, so we recommend you try both if one of them is not online after you write us ;) )

So we'll wait to know from you when and where in Colombia are you getting to, and so on.

Kind regards! Take care!!


Thu, 10/26/2017 - 18:10


Is the van still available?

Sun, 10/29/2017 - 10:55 (Reply to #4)



Yes it is!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information! Please contact us by watsapp, here are the numbers +34616503478 +34607636505

Thu, 10/26/2017 - 18:10


Is the van still available?