RUT and buying a car guide in Santiago

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RUT and buying a car guide in Santiago

Hello everyone,


So you want to buy a car in Chile and travel south america?  here are the right steps:


1) Get a RUT number - you will need this in order to buy a car in chile, it is required to have it sponsored by a local.

You will need to go to the SII office and get the paperwork, then go to the notary and notarize the poder given to your sponsor, then go back to the SII and deliver these documents. It also possible to pay someone to do everything for you, global&spencer charges 300,000 CLP and Suzi Santiago charge 90,000 for the RUT (they sponsor and give you an adrress for mail)

2) Find a car - decide what type of car you want for your trip (van or 4x4) and your budget range. you can use facebook groups such as Overlander Chile Buy & Sell Vehicles, or search at chileautos and yapo on your own risk, these sites are full with sketchy ads and cars with altered KM, extremely cheap and other issues. Many things can go wrong such as mechanical issues, fines, cars with debts or not fully paid, restored total lost vehicles from insurance companies and so on. this proccess requires lots of caution and experience. Always do a garage inspection in a reliable garage (not the ones that cost 10,000).

3) Buy the car - after getting a good price and finding the right vehicle you will need to schedule a notary with the seller.

both of you will need to go to a reliable notary and sign a buy/sell contract, this contract cannot have any mistakes in details or else it will be rejected by the civil registry.  you should also get a declaracion jurada to help you cross borders. 

Never pay for the car before the contract.

4) Padron - the padron arrives after 21 days from signing the contract and can sometimes be delayed also, this depends on the civil registry which is quite clumsy and slow. It is not recommended to cross borders before the padron. It is also not possible to cross to Bolivia without a padron (new law from augost 2017).


5) get yourself a toll route solution and an international insurance if you want to cross borders. 


If this seems a  little too hard you can also use the services of Suzi Santiago. With an experience of more then 400 times doing this proccess and 1000 garage inspections done.


Good luck