Safe to drive through venezuela?

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Safe to drive through venezuela?


We are a family of four who have been touring SA for 7 months. We're currently in Colombia and plan to drive across Venezuela to get to Guyana. We're British with a Chile registered car so are fairly conspicuous as tourists. Is it safe to drive across Venezuela or are the stories of carjackings and kidnappings true?

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try asking on

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Just in case anyone is interested we did go to Venezuela and, some examples of poor service aside, it was a fantastic country to visit and we did not have any trouble at all.  Certainly you have to be careful, but no more so than in any other South American country.  We did have to pay one bribe at the border with Colombia as we did not have a hotel reservation, but this was the only instance and it was only ten dollars.  We found the police, of which there are many, to be courteous and helpful with only one asking us to buy him a coke.   The roads were great and petrol is of course practically free.  You really do have to bring dollars and the black market rate makes the whole place incredibly cheap.  Changing money was easy and by asking at the hotel we had little trouble.  As for shortages, they seem to exist only for toiletries, especially deodorant and hair conditioner, although shops are not really well stocked.  Apart from over hearing a middle aged American gentleman on one occasion we did not encounter any other tourists or foreigners and as a consequence were viewed with mild curiosity by most Venezuelans who were perfectly decent towards us.  We would highly recommend visiting this fascinating country and given our experiences would caution anyone against being swayed by the undeservedly negative press it gets.  That being said, taking local advice, we did not visit Caracas and instead only drove through it twice.  

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Just a question re the hotel

Just a question re the hotel reservations. If you had been driving a motorhome, would you still have needed a hotel reservation?

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