safer world???

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safer world???

It is important for the world to pause a moment and take a careful look at what was happening in Colombia in 2016. The press regularly states that the war lasted 52 years, but the conflict had been raging since 1948 when most of the founders of the FARC took up arms as guerrillas fighting on the side of the Liberal Party.

The successfully negotiated peace agreement represents not just the end of another civil war, but the end of one of the most protracted conflicts in contemporary history. The only conflicts of equal duration that have until now defied resolution are the Israeli/Palestine and the Kashmir conflicts, both dating to the same 1947-48 period.

What is remarkable about the peace accords negotiated in Havana is that the two sides were finally able to reach agreements addressing some of the principal causes of the conflict, including land, participation, and the production of crops that are outlawed under international law.

The lesson: even the most intractable conflict can be settled through political negotiations. It helped that the international community, led by Norway and Cuba, supported the process. Decisively, the US, EU and UN also sent envoys to the talks.

As I found out when working for the write papers for me service as a research writer, the process is a model of how to structure a peace process. It also, for the first time, includes provisions for transitional justice to prosecute war crimes.

The Colombian people had to vote YES or NO to the accord on October 2nd.