FOR SALE! 1998 Toyota 4runner (4wd, 3.4L V6 with 180HP) camping conversion with U.S. plates for sale in Colombia around Jun 2019

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FOR SALE! 1998 Toyota 4runner (4wd, 3.4L V6 with 180HP) camping conversion with U.S. plates for sale in Colombia around Jun 2019

Hey guys, 

Sadly, I need to sell my reliable travelling companion because my trip is slowly coming to an end. The car is a fully equipped camping vehicle and will get you to all the awesome remote spots (and there is a lot of these in South America) because it is a tough 4x4 truck at the same time! 

The car comes with everything you need to start your trip: *cooking equipment (pot, pan, 2 fire burner, gas bottle, plates and cutlery)

*a small table and chairs 

*an incredibly comfortable mattress than can be 3-folded and was made to fit the car perfectly (better than almost all hostel beds i slept in so far)

*sleeping bag and blankets

*a 14”x10”x4” lock box which is securely bolted behind driver seat and is big enough to fit most laptops

*an awesome 12v fridge which runs on the second battery (or on a wall socket) and will assure that you always have cold beers :)

*storage in rear (converts to cooking area) and front hatch

*Kenwood car stereo with Bluetooth, USB and aux will satisfy your music needs

*secondary battery runs 80w 120v converter to charge e.g. laptop and USB sockets to charge phones  

* 12v fan and moskito net to get you through hot nights

* DIY 6'x8' awning to provide some shade on sunny days

* Aftermarket alarm/unlock clicker and fuel pump kill switches have been installed for anti-theft 

As mentioned before the car is also well equipped for your off-road adventure:

*Plenty of thread left on Cooper Discoverer AT/3 tires 265/70R16 as behind (plus spare), Fireli as front

* 30' and 3' tow strap, shackles

* Tire repair kit, 12v compressor and pressure gauge

* 5 speed automatic gearbox with 4wd and low gear 

The car has been well serviced and drives great. The v6 engine with 180 hp is strong enough to get you up every hill, quite fuel efficient (we normally drive between 10-12l per 100km / 20-24 Mpg) and is known to last forever. There is no need to refill oil between the change intervals and the water level is constant. For recent service history see below. Current milage 287600 miles (in Bolivia, Peru--will be adding some miles between here and the selling point).

Last but not least, the car has US number plates, so it can be easily and legally registered in your name with the services of Alex Smith. The process is super easy and completey done via mail. This way you'll end up with a vehicle that you can easily resell in all countries and that will never give you trouble at border crossings.

Price: $6, 000 USD or best offer

Please contact us if you need more information ;-)


Ho Cho Kuen

Known owner history:

1st owner - new/1998 until late 2016 or early 2017, California

2nd owner - 5 months, California

3rd owner - Kim & Casey, drove it down to South America (May 2017 to April 2018)

4th owner - Sarah and Stephan,SA (April 2018 to Jul 2018)

5th owner - Us ;-)

Known service history:

-Oil changes every ~4,000 miles from May 2017 to present.

-Timing belt and water pump - replaced at 256,000 miles.

-Drive belts replaced at approx. 233,000 miles.

-Rear drivers’ side axle seal re-set to fix leak at approx. 233,000 miles (no leaks as of brake check in mid February '18).

-Transmission, coolant, brake, power steering fluid flush at approx. 235,000 miles.

-K&N air filter (washable) installed at approx. 235,000 miles - filter cleaning solution and filter oil included.

-Fuel filter replaced at approx. 235,000 miles (in California) and 248,000 miles (in Colombia).

-New OEM spark plug (DENSO) and plug wires (Japan aftermarket) installed in Colombia at 248,000 miles - old spark plugs have no signs of oil or un-burnt fuel deposits at time of change.

-Fuel injectors removed and serviced, throttle body removed to clean IAC valve in Colombia at 249,000 miles.

-Driverside rear brake cylinder replaced to fix brake fluid leak and rear brake shoes relined with new material installed in Colombia at 249,000 miles.

-Bilstein rear shocks installed at approx. 235,000 miles.

-Cover of power generator installed in Colombia at 250,330 miles.

-Well service and replacement of gears including new Bilstein front struts, plastic gear on stability bar in Urarguay at 280,000mile.

If you interest, please contact to me in
Wechat & Line: ckchokuenho11
Whatsapp: +852 63554593
Facebook: Ho Cho Kuen

Thank you