For Sale: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ75 Station-Wagon with Camper Cell on Chassis

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For Sale: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ75 Station-Wagon with Camper Cell on Chassis

A one-of-a-kind 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser in excellent condition with a polyurethane camper box on back.

Currently in Arizona.

We had it sold back in August and our buyer was waiting for us to find a new vehicle to convert into an RV. Now that we finally bought a bus, he backed out of the deal, citing distance, timing and confusion over importation. So our baby is back up for sale!

3B engine, LHD, H55 transmission, 24-volt system.

602,500km (374,000 miles). No problem for few hundred thousand more because almost all miles in open spaces (Patagonia, Alaska, Sahara, etc.) so gear box hasn't taken a beating. We were planning on taking in on another around-the-world trip before my wife decided she wanted more space!

Seats two, according to current registration.

Vehicle registered in France but with the US's "classic car" exemption, it shouldn't be a problem importing it into the US. WE HAVE RECENTLY IMPORTED THE VEHICLE INTO THE US AND OBTAINED THE 7501 FORM!! The buyer is responsible for registering the vehicle in his or her state (or if planning on traveling outside of the US can just keep our French plates if they want).

VIN# JT1VOBJ7509002306 (registered as "fourgon", or van).

Camper van cell on back (made in December 2012): Aluminium/polyurethane 40mm-panels.
Inside dimension: L 270cm X l 200cm X h 170cm.
Permanent bed 190cm X 120cm.

Total weight = 3.1 tons (less weight than original vehicle!!).

This cruiser fits in a high cube container (already done 2 trips inside HC container).

Sold with the following:

32 litres Engel fridge
24 volts ARB (CKMA24) compressor, (this cruiser is 24v) new from September 2015, never used. . .
Air-conditioned powered by old R12 gas, you will have to change the gas
Reinforced suspensions
Old Man Emu shock absorbers
Firestone air suspensions (back)
New roof Thule ventilator
Big awning 3.5m long from Howling Moon South Africa
Lots of Land Cruiser spare parts never use like relays, Edic system, motor fuel control, regulator, computer emission control, new original kit for rebuild the starter (no need to change it now, it starts without problem but just last year we were still on the way for a second trip around the world with Totoyaya so we took advantage to buy this kit when*in Europe, hard to find after. . .), etc.
Foam mattress 120x90cm

Selling for USD$13,500.

Contact us for more photos or check out the following link:


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