For sale 1999 Ford F 250 7.3 Liter Turbo Diesel 4x4 automatic + Northstar Camper

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For sale 1999 Ford F 250 7.3 Liter Turbo Diesel 4x4 automatic + Northstar Camper

Price $16,000 USD
1999 Ford F250 V8 4x4 Super Duty Extra cab Lariat with the Legendary 7.3 liter turbo diesel. ¾ ton. Low mileage of only 150,000 (246,000 KM)
1998 Northstar Camper 10.5
USA (Arizona) Plated
For Sale US$16,000, in Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina.
Available in May or June
• My Truck-Camper, lovingly referred to as “Elsie” has carried us (Bobby and Aleja) From California through South America during the last 4 years.
• Measurements of whole rig approx. 7.45 (L)(24’5” ft) x 3.36m (H)(11’ft) x 2.46m (W)(8’ft), Weight 5.5t –6t depending on how much junk you want/need to cart around.
• Non-smoking vehicle, no animals
• Email: [email protected] / WhatsApp +1-858-333-1679
• Happy to share our travel experiences-just ask! Blog:
Facebook: bluewaterbob

Features of the Truck
• 1999 F250 Super Duty Lariat (Luxury package/ Elect everything. Fully loaded) Extra Cab, red exterior, tan leather interior
• 7.3 liter turbo diesel engine, regarded as bullet-proof. This is the engine that goes for 500,000 miles (800,000 KM). Unlike those underpowered engines - you will never have trouble going up a hill. She’ll never overheat and her reputation has built in resale value. If you don’t know this engine please google it.
• Posi-traction - limited slip rear end
• Only 2 owners – me and the original guy who lived in Montana and did snowbird winters in AZ. I have all his receipts and history of the vehicle. All highway miles!
• All tires = Michelin LT 265/75R16 LTX M/S. They still have 40,000 miles of life in them. Good spare tire.
• 150,653 MILES on the odometer as of March 27 2019. This will go up 1000+
• 18l-20l/100km (12-13mpg) with camper on top depending on driving habits and terrain.
• 38 gallons (144l) single tank, lockable. Huge range. When others are sweating northern Chile and trying to carry extra jugs you can breathe easy.
• 4 speed Automatic transmission with switch on the fly Hi-Lo 4WD/2WD transfer case
• 4x4 manual locking front hubs (can use for added traction or just the auto switch in the cab)
• High clearance with added leaf springs and air suspension bags (They are adjustable and make a gigantic difference)
• Extra cab - seats 3 in the front cab and 3 in the rear cab (currently configured for cargo in the rear. The steel back of the seat is a big plus
• Back seat fitted with custom built reinforced shelf to hold “More stuff”: Tools, Honda eu2000 generator, air compressor, BBQ, spare air suspension bags, more spares
• Power mirrors
• Cruise control
• Overhead digital trip computer and compass with thermometer in both C & F
• New transmission filter and fluid changed at 145,000 miles
• Regular oil and filter changes done at every 5000 miles (that’s tender love and overmaintained)
• AC blows ice cold. I dare you to blast it at full without mittens
• Radio / CD player with phone adapter for playing your music list.
• Front air bags
• Tow receiver on the rear
• Hidden fuel cut-off switch.
• Locking hubs
• 1 Fire extinguisher, 2 warning triangles, road vest
• Reflective windshield & side window covers – don’t let the thieves look in
• Spare parts (lots: filters for fuel air and oil. Belts, hoses, caps etc)
•Smittybuilt 9,500 lb Winch on the front (can be moved to the rear receiver) with a reinforced frame mounted receiver hitch (tree strap and block included – the block doubles the pulling power)

The bad
• Some small dents and scratches,
• Driver’s seat showing wear as expected.
• Thieves messed up the passenger door lock. They didn’t get in but it needs to be opened from the interior. So I enter first and lean over and open it for Aleja. It’s a minor hassle

Features of Camper
• Northstar Camper 1998
This is a well-respected extremely strong build.
• Made of ¾” marine grade plywood.
• You can stand upright in the camper (up to ca. 1.98 m or 6’6” ft) and sit upright in the bed
• Custom $500 queen sized mattress that is still incredible after 4 years. When we do an Airbnb we are always happy to get back to Elsie
• Dinette folds down into bed for 2 small adults or kids. We keep it down all the time and use it as a day bed with drinking water/booze/wine/beer stored beneath
• Radio (SD card, aux, usb) with 4 speakers
• 2 Solar panels (150 watt & 50 watt - I have one unhooked since the big one does more than what is needed), with solar regulator.
• House battery for the camper is a 220 amp hour 8D gel deep cycle that has never gone below 12.40 volts (I lived on a boat for 6 years and know how to baby a battery)
• Truck alternator charges camper battery when engine is running. One more way to charge the house battery.
• There is a Honda EU2000 generator that I will include in the offer with the full asking price. That’s a $1000 value. It even has a special cord that you can connect to the battery to essentially give yourself a jumpstart should you ever need it. It runs quiet and efficiently and it’s the best generator money can buy. Google it.
• 6 gallon Air Compressor with hose and nozzles to inflate tires and suspension airbags. You never need to rely on gas stations and their faulty ends that sometimes deflate your tires.
• Space Heater - runs on propane, known to work perfectly at 4200m plus.
• Gas range with 3 burners, gas oven – You’ll love having an oven in Patagonia!
• Range hood with light and exhaust fan
• Gas water heater – Yep, hot water from the shower head when you want it.
• Awning on the passenger side
• Wired for 120V but the converter is included so you can plug in anywhere and convert from 240 when you need.
• 2 US Propane bottles 20lb (Horizontal - $160 each with gauges), plus 2 Argentina local propane bottles that I have plumbed to use (one for the space heater and one for the external BBQ)
• Double sink, one with cover for extra working space in the kitchen or utensil drain
• Roomy bathroom with shower and separate seat, and overhead hatch
• Outdoor shower too.
• Locks upgraded to Hockey Puck with added security bars
• Carbon Monoxide and Propane detectors
• 3 external lockers for extra storage for clunky / dirty stuff
• 3 internal lockers for spares, fun stuff, toys etc
• Big pantry with added shelving and lots of other hidden storage in the camper
• Great insulation - suitable for winter use
• 113l(30gal) fresh, 113l (30gal) gray, 60l (16 gal) black water tanks
• 120V outlets throughout interior (1 outside and hidden)
• Cabin of car locked off from camper cabin -very useful when shipping the rig
• Spring fitted tie downs, the sturdiest damage free way to attach the camper to the truck
• LED outdoor lights,
• LED indoor lights, low energy consumption
• Mosquito screens on all windows and roof vents and a screen on the door. Why would you live without these?
• 3 fire extinguishers inside camper. Total of 4 in the whole rig.

Equipment included with the sale:
• Pots, pans, plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, cutting boards -all you need for 2-4 persons. Some of it even matches.
• 500 watt inverter for converting 12 volt to 120 volt. It has 4 fast charge USB ports. one additional small 150 watt inverter for other small devices (we use one in the cab of the truck while driving)
• Books in English, including guide books, and paper maps
• Blanket plus multiple fitted and top sheets and pillow cases. Too many pillows.
• Towels, tea towels and other linens
• 2 camping chairs and 1 rugged plastic folding table and 1 rugged folding bench that is great for when others join the party and need somewhere to sit or just more flat clean space while using the BBQ
• $100 custom tarp 3 meters x 3 meters. Super strong
• Tool kit (Lots of tools. Quality and everything you need. If I ever needed anything I bought it and it’s included.)
• Cordless vacuum, reciprocating saw, drill & bits with rechargeable battery and charger
• Various lubricants and sprays and caulking gun and more tools
• Converter from 240volts to 120volts. Plug in anywhere and convert to what you need. There’s a hanging system beneath the truck so nothing gets rained on
• Boxes for storage
• Bungee cords, hooks, adhesives, tape etc
• Camper power cord is 24 feet long with a 30 amp end fitting as well as various adapters. There is an additional extension cord the same length and another one 8 feet with a power strip. We are also including various adaptors to suit outlets in most countries
• Filters, funnels, electrical fittings and connectors
• Wireless thermometers
• 2 water hoses
• Leveling blocks
• 1 yoga mat
• Shovel & saw
• Tow straps and long rope
• 1 Multimeter
• 5 kick ass strong USB 12 volt fans – I just solved half of your problems!
• Box of board games
• Heavy duty jumper cables
• Spices oils sauces
• Lights lights lights
• Tupperware.
• Toiletries
• Cleaning supplies

Basically we are flying away with our clothes and excellent memories. You won’t need to buy anything.

The bad:
She’s well-built but these roads are hard and full time living in a 20 year old camper has come at a cost. Here’s the list of what’s broken:
• The Fridge: I broke it in the first 6 months. That means we’ve been buying ice or refreezing our filled water bottles in the cooler for 3.5 years. I know, I know. When I broke the fridge I thought the trip was over. Honestly – our system works and it hasn’t been nearly the issue we thought it would be.
• The microwave doesn’t work – It could just be a fuse but who cares, you’ll never use it anyway. It’s where we keep paper towels.
• The furnace doesn’t work, that’s why I have the space heater. The furnace pulled 6 amps and was not a viable option unless plugged in for power
• The Aircon died. It last worked at the beach in Ecuador. That was the last time we needed it. You’ll only really miss it if going to Central America. Then I would recommend having it repaired.
• There is water damage. I have stopped the leak but the rains in Patagonia were severe and prolonged. The wood has rot but I have repaired and sealed and reinforced.

I could not post the pictures but in this link you will be able to see them :


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Highly recommended sellers

Highly recommended sellers with a lot of valuable experience