FOR SALE: 2001 4WD Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero) Sport 3.5 V6 – Chile/ Argentina Mai/June 2016

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FOR SALE: 2001 4WD Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero) Sport 3.5 V6 – Chile/ Argentina Mai/June 2016

We bought this great car in May 2015 in Colorado, United States of America and rebuilt it as a travel car with bed and everything you need! We travelled with it through Central and South America without any problems!
We are still on the road, at the moment in Peru. After that adventure, it is time to pass on the joy! We’re selling our Montero in either Chile or Argentina. But we are pretty flexible, depending on the buyer, price: 5999 EUR (negotiable)
We did a full maintenance in the United States (worth 2500USD) and we put in: new timing belt, water pump, idler, tensioner, new battery, new brakes and brake fluid, new seals and spark plugs, a/c belt, new air filter, valve cover gasket, upper intake gasket. Please see below for detailed information.
We built a double bed in the car ourselves, so it is perfect for a travelling couple. We built a system to make it possible to fold the mattress back so you can sit in the back (all backseats and headrests remain), so you can use it to take hitchhikers or friends with you.
The car comes with cooking and camping equipment, 4x4 gear (quality compressor, gauge, emergency tyre filler, fuses etc.)  and boxes to store your clothes, food etc.

Here you can find all the details.
- By the time we are finishing our trip, around 255 000KM, 2001 car, (Japanese built)
- 3.5L V6, 200PS
- 2wd - 4wd high gear and low gear
- differential
- automatic 4 speed in excellent condition (L,2,3 gear selectable)
- gasoline (75L tank)
- power windows all around
- air-conditioning
- front tires and rear tires new in 2014
- all in order, nice looks
- tinted windows
- anti theft alarm
- 1 remote key, 1 spare key
- Steering wheel bar with key
- US plates
- very good fuel consumption between 10.8 and 13l/100km

- Coleman Fridge (12 volt), 15L which you can connect to the cigarette lighter
- Kitchen equipment includes:
-->Gas cooker inclusive spare gas bottles
-->pots and pans
- Bed with good mattress (1,90m X 1,40m) for 2 people with blankets, cushions…
- Boxes for storing clothes, materials, food…
- Digital Safe bolted into the back of the car (for important things, not visible)
- Lonely Planet books
- Road maps
- Coleman camping lamp
- Endless other things (everything you might need on a long trip)
Also included is a real spare tire, safety triangles, fire extinguisher and mosquito covers for the windows in the back. Also a good feature is that Mitsubishi Montero is one of the most common cars in South America and blends perfectly into the surroundings.

- All oils and filters are changed at least every 10.000km
- Full maintenance was done at 218 000km from a qualified master mechanic in the USA which included:
-->   New timing belt, water pump, idler and tensioner
-->   New denso double iridium spark plugs and seals
-->   New brakes and fluid
-->   New upper intake gasket
-->   New valve cover gasket
-->   New crankshaft seals including a/c belt
-->   New air filter
-->   New fvp platinum battery and new battery terminals
-->   New brake fluid
-->   New antifreeze coolant
-->   New synthetic differential oil
-->   New A/c oil and refrigerant
-->   clean of throttle body
- In 2013 previous owner replaced shocks

Conclusion: We put a lot of love, effort and money in the car to maintain it at its best!

If you are interested or have any other questions mail to: [email protected]