For Sale: 2001 Mercedes Sprinter Van in Columbia mid of July

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#1 Wed, 04/10/2019 - 10:02

For Sale: 2001 Mercedes Sprinter Van in Columbia mid of July

Hey Folks! We are selling our fully equipped 2001 Mercedes Sprinter Van in Columbia mid of July.

Absolutely reliable and loyal companion for your Pan-American adventure.
No leaks, no stuttering, no overheating, no problems.
Very economical too; 800+ km on a single tank and only needs and Oil Change every 20.000km

The car can be bought with a "Poder", a legal document that confirms its yours now.

Quite stealthy, still looks like the typical transporter and a lot of people mistake it for a collectivo.
Its properly insulated and keeps the warmth very well.
The big double bed slides into a L-shaped couch with a table and bench.

Asking Price $12.000 USD or 10.500€

We bought this Van last year in Germany, stripped it, fixed some things and converted it to a self contained camper van. Great to travel of the beaten path!

Cleaned and sealed all injectors
New fuel line
All filters and oil changes done regulary
New grippy AS tires (total 20k km)

Last service in April 2019:
New synchronisation belt
New Air and diesel filter
Cleaning of the radiators and new coolant
Complete inspection of the suspension and breaking system, all is well.

Up to this trip, this Van has only seen smooth German roads and is mechanically in a great shape.
Lots of Sprinter are for Sale in Germany with over 500.000km

There is some rust and some dents on the outer body, you can see the age a bit but it's only a cosmetical thing.

Also the internal speakers gave up, that's why we are giving away our bluetooth speaker too :)

Model 2001, 208cdi (diesel)
KM at the end: 290.000k
Consumption; 8,8L / 32 MPG
Diesel 2,2L 82hp (plenty of torque to get you anywhere!)
Total Length:   5,5m
Total hight:      2,57m
Interior hight:  1,82m
Interior width: 1,75m
Total weight:   2,5t
Tires (strengthened): Maxxis VanPro AS

- fully equipped kitchen (pots, pan, cutlery for 3 persons)
- tinted windows with curtains
- 2 stove gas burner (propane+butane)
- 5kg propane tank (+SA Adapter)
- 2,75kg butane tank
- 2x20L fresh water
- 40x40cm roof window
- 100W Solar panel
- 120 ah battery
- solar powered Cooler 12v or 220v
- USB Charging station
- propane/butane, K.O. Gas warner
- DC AC inverter for Laptop etc.
- bed; 2 proper mattresses 180cm x 80cm
- complete Bedding summer + winter
- 4x 65L storage boxes
- clothing cupboard
- kitchen cupboard
- 3x LED interior lamps
- 2x USB Vents
- 2x camping chairs + 4 person outside table
- BBQ -> essential!
- steering wheel claw with alarm
- 20L gasoline Canister
- air compressor for the tires
- 5t hydraulic Jack
- Bluetooth speaker + 10.000 ma/h power bank
- lonely planet for SA in English
- beach umbrella + rackets!

You can basically move in with a pair of flip flops and some Boardshorts :)

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information and pictures!

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Sun, 04/21/2019 - 13:06

Hey, I am interested. Please

Hey, I am interested. Please contact me on Whatsapp +49 1788030818

Sun, 04/28/2019 - 15:13 (Reply to #2)

Hello! We are interested.

If it’s still available, message me on WhatsApp. We are in Cartagena. +57 310 6190083