For Sale - 2002 CHEVY ASTRO 4x4 Sleeper van - Santiago de Chile from Juli 2020 4,500 US$

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For Sale - 2002 CHEVY ASTRO 4x4 Sleeper van - Santiago de Chile from Juli 2020 4,500 US$

After 1,5 years of traveling and living in this Astro Van - mainly in Patagonia - my beloved road companero is looking for someone else, he can take on adventures in this miraculous continent. I mainly used it for kayaking mountaineering and hiking. the Van can fit 2 kayaks on the roof rack withouth a problem. Traveling and living in the Van is easily comfortable for 2 persons, however I also lived in it with 2 friends for a while.

The Astro Van (named Babo Conquista) has a reliable motor and is very comfortable. Equipped with everything one needs to start an awesome outdoorsy roadtrip (check the list below)

Due to the 4x4 this Van is capable of driving the dusty backroads and can enter rough terrain to a certain extent.

The inside of the Van can either be a comfortable bed or a backrow of seats, so it fits 5 persons (that would be very cozy).

There is ample storage place beneath the bed and a box system which holds kitchen equipment, room for clothes, a library with travel guides for Argentina, Chile, Ecuador etc.

I am open to selling in Santiago, Chile early July 2020.

Price: $4,500, or nearest offer

The Van is Washington-licensed which makes it easy to travel in South America, since the burocratic efforts are brought down to a minimum. I have gone through the process of buying the car and would obvioulsy help out with my experiences. Also I can help out with lots of valuable information concerning car insurance and good places in Chile. The transfer process offered by Alex Smith, Overland Titles is around 500 US$.

Vehicle specs:

Year, Make : 2002, Chevrolet Astro

Engine: 4.3L V6 Automatic

Horsepower: 190

Fuel: Gasoline

Drivetrain: AWD/4x4

Odometer: 198,000 miles

Chevrolet Astro Benefits:

- Air-con, power-steering, air bags

- 5 seats

- Cruise Control (good for the long distances in Southamerica)

- powerful soundsystem

- USA licence plates (Washington State)

Information concerning the USA Plates: you will not have a problem getting it legally licensed in your name regardless of your nationality. Overland Titles, Alex Smith, will be able to assist with transfer. No poder needed and no frustrating border crossings in your future.

Modifications/Additional equipment:

- Double bed with fold-up bed/mattress

- Ample storage space beneath bed (see pics)

- Curtains

- Thule roofbox

- 2 additional 10 liter petrol containers

Other equipment:

- 2 canvas camping chairs

- 1-person tent (almost new)

- 2 camping mattresses

- double-plate gas stove with 5 liter gas bottle (refill is 13 US Dollar for 2 months of extensive cooking)

- single burner gas hiking stove

- cooler box

- bedding and pillows

- Storage crates and containers

- cutlery and crockery, for four persons, pan and pot

- guitar

- machete

- tow rope

- fishing rod

- tool box

- small safe (for valuable things)

- down sleeping bag (washed and in a good state)

- 4 straps

- Jumpstart cables

- if wanted I can sell a Kayak, paddle and gear too

The Van and its motor are in a good state

- New tires and new brakepads (I renewed both in beginning of 2019) when I let it check by the official Chevrolet Dealer in Santiago de Chile

- regular oil check

the downside:

- The backdoor handle is broken, there is a technique to open it though.

- The automatic door lock for the driver side is broken.

These two parts cannot be bought in Chile or Argentina. So if you come from the United States it would be an option to bring these two parts. I could offer help in repairing. However the car works just fine without these two technical flaws.

Also: the car could use new rear suspension (they are fairly easily replaced) bought for 100 US$ each.

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