For Sale: 2003 Toyota 4runner SR5 in Peru. US plates. $6000

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For Sale: 2003 Toyota 4runner SR5 in Peru. US plates. $6000

2003 Toyota 4runner SR5 for sale in Peru(ideally Lima) at the end of July. $6000(US) or best offer.

Our 6 month journey is sadly nearing its end and Kelsey and I are looking for new travelling partner(s) for our beloved Cielito. We have US plates and title on hand. We are happy to facilitate getting you a poder or officially transferring the title(with the help of the wonderful Alex Smith). We bought Cielito from @wheresthegringo and we want to make sure we do as good a job making you feel comfortable with the whole process as he did for us. If you are located somewhere not too far away we may be able to sell at a different location.

Find more pictures and contact info here:

2003 Toyota 4Runner SR5:  Answers to Cielito Lindo  :)

  • 4x4, 6 cylinder, 4.0L, gasoline, automatic transmission, 245 horsepower
  • 4 wheel drive completely selectable between 2-High, 4-High, 4-Low and 4-Low-locked.  Oh the places you can go!!!
  • 14/16mpg city, 18/21mpg highway. 
  • Washington State, USA plates/registration. Title and original documents on hand.
  • 251000 miles.  Will probably add 1000 or so more.
  • No major vehicle modifications. 5 leather seats, plenty of space. No sleeping platform, cabinets, etc.
  • 3M smashproof windows with the darkest tint available except for the windshield. Cannot see in at all from the outside. Windshield sunscreen included.
  • All windows with rain guards
  • Manual installed killswitch
  • Special lug nut on each wheel so they can’t be stolen.
  • Car alarm with clicker and spare key
  • Car jack and all tools included
  • Radio with auxiliary cord and CD capabilities
  • Heat, AC, cruise control, power windows
  • Standard roof rack, suspension and ground clearance. No modifications, no added risk.
  • Insurance from San Cristobal good until Dec 4 2018 (covers Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay).  Not the cheapest option.

Maintenance done:

  • Timing belt (chain) replaced at 200,000 miles (322,000km) in the USA
  • Replaced CV boot in the USA at 207,000 miles.
  • Replaced Struts at 230000ish miles
  • Synthetic 5W-30 oil/oil filter changes performed every 5,000 or so miles
  • 33" all-terrain Cooper STT Discoverer tires.  35000ish on them and the warranty is for 50,000mile/80,000km. Full size matching spare tire included.
  • Special security key lug nut system to prevent wheels from being stolen
  • New serpentine belt/bearings put in on at 245,000
  • New sparkplugs installed in Nicaragua at 221,171 miles
  • Consistent basic filter replacements.  Just replaced the air filter and changed the oil a couple weeks ago.
  • Rectified brake discs and new, front, original Toyota brake pads put on in Ecuador at 227,000 miles/365,000.
  • Minor body work ---- buffing, sanding out and repainting done in Peru.
  • All other minor checkups and tune-ups are too basic and minor to mention.
  • Has never required any additional oil to be put in other than normal oil changes and there are no fluid leaks under the car.  I check often.  :)
  • Literally NO major problems/fixes with the car over its South American journeys.

Major included accessories:

  • 2.5 x 2.5 meter ARB awning
  • Yakima Box on top.  some very small cracks on the bottom but still solid and watertight
  • Manually-installed, wired LED light-up back door.  Not perfect but lights up really well.
  • Northern tools 4-ton come-a-long winch with heavy duty 30 foot tow strap,and 10 foot tow straps
  • Complete tool box with a bunch of tools and parts. 
  • Complete, in-depth Chilton Toyota 4Runner repair manual, as well as the electrical wiring guide.  Voltmeter included.
  • Fire extinguisher, hazard triangles, jumper cables, complete roadside safety kit
  • First Aid kit
  • 2 Kensun 9000mAH Portable Power Bank and Self-Jump external batteries
  • 140w Power inverter.  One USB and two US 3 prong plug ins.
  • Numerous plastic storage bins of various sizes.
  • All floor areas including the trunk have mats for easy cleaning.
  • Back seats fold down flat to make a good sleeping area unless you are over 6ft tall.  You could easily ditch the back seats and make way more room or add a sleeping platform with storage underneath.   We kept the seats because we enjoyed being able to travel with people we met along the way, plus having the backseats intact makes it easier to sell to a local if need be. 

Other camping/misc. equipment:

  • Pots/pans/utensils/wine opener/cooking set/sharp knife/cutting board/etc,
  • MSR Whisperlite International camp stove and fuel bottle.
  • Two go pro mounts in place
  • Dashboard phone holder
  • Full size machete
  • Mini EVRGRN bamboo camping table and crazy creek chair
  • 5 gallon water jug and numerous assorted water bottles(klean kanteen/nalgene)
  • 5 plastic storage bins of various sizes that fit well together. 
  • Your very own copy of Don Quixote, IN SPANISH!
  • I am sure I am forgetting some things...
  • NOT INCLUDED but negotiable: Currently planning on taking everything home but wouldn’t mind lightening our load and helping an interested party out with stuff that is hard to find down here.
  • Rockclimbing/mountaineering gear
  • Everything from trad gear, to ropes, to ice screws, etc.
  • Fly fishing rod, reel, carrying case and assortment of flies(9ft, 4piece, 6 weight Reddington Path Combo)


Minor problems:

  • One of the light caps is knocked off on one of the runningboards
  • Minor signs of wear but no real scratches, dings, or dents
  • Some wear on the drivers side seat but we have seat covers.
  • Check Engine light on permanently. This is because of the age of vehicle and the catalytic converter misreading the effectiveness of the Oxygen sensor. It is harmless and quite normal for a 4Runner of this year.  Had a mechanic check again in early June and it is still the same.
  • Trunk interior light switch sometimes needs a slight wiggle to come on.
  • Currently the back windshield wiper does not work but it has not bothered us at all. 
  • There are some small cracks on the dash.

We are happy to answer any questions and send more information/pictures to seriously interested parties. 

Happy Traveling!!!

-Andy and Kelsey

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