For Sale: 2007 Toyota 4Runner SR5 with 130,000 miles. US$12,000

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For Sale: 2007 Toyota 4Runner SR5 with 130,000 miles. US$12,000

Great deal on a newer vehicle with upgrades! Value of vehicle once back in the US is between $13,000 - $17,000 if you drive it back to the USA! Check here

We drove from New York to Argentina in a 2007 4Runner bought in the US with New Jersey license plates. We have taken excellent care of the car as it was literally our home for 15,000 miles. Some improvements and a full tune up was done before the trip and we performed regular maintenance on the vehicle during the trip. We have detailed records of everything we did with the vehicle (upgrades, oil changes, brake changes and every gas fill up since purchase). It has a few scratches, but nothing serious. It also includes what's left of our camping and car equipment. All the details are below, please read through everything and contact me if you are interested.


Work done before trip (At 115,000 miles):
- New Firestone Destination All-Terrain Tires
- New Engine oil, crank shaft oil and all filters
- New Transmission fluid and differential fluid.
- Drive shaft and chassis lubricated
- Brand new Bilstein 5100 Suspension installed front and back.
- Bull Bar installed
- Roof rack installed

Mileage is currently 130,100 miles (208,160 km)
Maintenance work done during trip:
- Oil/filter, engine air intake and cabin filter changed at 120,000 miles (synthetic oil and American oil filter)
- Oil/filter change at 125,000 miles (synthetic oil and American oil filter)
- Brakes changed at 125,000 miles. New ceramic pads, front and back.
- Air intake and cabin filter changed at 129,500 miles
- Both left and right headlights were changed out during the trip

Spare parts still included with car:
- New drive  belt
- New oil filter + cabin filter
- Spare spark plugs and fuses
- One spare headlight
- Spare synthetic oil (about 1.5 L)

The car does have a few dings and scratches, but we did not have the time to repaint the vehicle before we left. The cost to get everything touched up was estimated at ~P3,000 .

Minor issues with vehicle:
- Scratch on front left of bumper (this was from a car that scratched us while we were parked)
- Scratches on right front door and right rear door (from pulling into a car park that was too tight)
- Scratches on roof above driver's door (from a bag that was rubbing against the roof)
- Due for an oil change and drive shaft lubrication (last one was at 125,000 miles). New filter is in the trunk
- Spare tire is a Firestone All Terrain tire, but it needs a small patch and to be filled up.

We are including some other equipment as well that you are free to keep and use as you like. The total value of all this equipment is probably around $500. Most is unused or still in great condition.

Emergency Roadside Equipment:
- 3 x Traffic Triangles
- Fire Extinguisher
- Flat tire repair kit and a can of "Fix-a-Flat"
- 2 x cargo nets and a collection of bungee cords
- 3 Ton tow strap + 3 Ton ratchet strap
- Jumper cables and basic tool kit

Camping equipment:
- Kitchenette built in the back with drawer storage and pullout table
- 900 W Inverter hard wired with 8 gauge wire
- Gas grill and with 2 empty tanks
- 450W Hamilton Beach Juicer
- 2 person tent, air mattress and pillows
- Mosquito Net, First Aid Kit and Tarp
- 2 gallon insulated water cooler

Other good stuff:
- Auxiliary cable and bluetooth adapter
- Small inverter/USB charger for driver
- Cellphone mount for driver

The selling procedure for a vehicle with foreign plates in Argentina.
Car is currently in storage with Andean Roads located about 30 minutes drive outside Buenos Aires (see map below). The vehicle has United States, New Jersey plates and the title and registration are there as well. It has a Argentinian temporary vehicle permit for 8 months (valid until 02/2016). It is available for viewing, but not for test driving. We are set up to do everything remotely as we are back in the US.

There are some extra requirements to buying this car which is why we are selling it for a discounted price (In Argentina they sell for US$20,000 - $30,000). However, if you are in a position to handle this you can get a great deal on a Toyota 4x4.,-58.6822073,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0000000000000000:0xcfcd22e187e6eac7?hl=en-US

Interested in buying? Here are the steps:
1. Email me to schedule a viewing. We will coordinate with Andean Roads so you can see the vehicle.
2. You can start up the car and inspect anything you like, but it cannot leave the parking area (it is illegal to drive the vehicle without me before we make the Power of Attorney)
3. If you are satisfied with everything PayPal me in two installments + 3.9% PayPal fee (PayPal max is $10,000)
4. After I confirm I will immediately have the Bill of Sale, Title, Power of Attorney, Temporary Import Permit and Keys sent to you via mail (I will pay for these costs)
5. You will receive the tracking number for the keys/documents as soon as they are in the mail.
6. You are protected by PayPal for a full refund if these are not sent, so no fear of scam here.
7. After you receive the Power of Attorney you will sign it and have it notarized (Andean Roads has an attorney that can help you with this if needed).
8. Pick up the car from Andean Roads and it is now legal to drive in Argentina until the Temporary Import Permit Expires (02/2016)

After this point the car is now yours and you will have the following documentation to prove it.
• New Jersey Title and Registration with my name it, but signed over to you.
• Temporary Import Permit (expires 02/2016) with my name on it and a copy of my passport
• Power of Attorney from me giving you permission to drive the car to any country for an unlimited amount of time.
• Bill of Sale between us.

So what happens after 02/2016? This is the part that you require a foreign passport. You have two choices:
• Option 1: Simply renew the temporary import permit at Argentinian customs
• Option 2: Legally import the vehicle. The official procedures are here. (Bill of Sale will be for $14,900 so zero import tax)

If you want a new American Title with your name on it (not required, but may make some things easier and you will no longer need the Power of Attorney) the procedure is detailed here:


It is a little bit of extra work around purchasing a car and I do regret that you can't test drive the vehicle. I will guarantee the vehicle for 30 days after purchase, so if there are any surprises you can return it in the same condition and I will refund your money (PayPal has this built into their policy as well). But at the end of the day this is a great deal on a great car that we have loved and cared for. It has a hell of a history and you will turn heads with your New Jersey license plates :)

We are asking for US$12,000 for the vehicle. Please contact me by email or PM if you are interested and we will coordinate for you to see the car where it is being stored. 



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Bump*. This is still for sale

Bump*. This is still for sale.