SALE - 2011 L300, Santiago de CHILE

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SALE - 2011 L300, Santiago de CHILE

FOR SALE - van Mitsubishi L300 2.0 year 2011,
In Santiago from 5 to 15 August 2018


7500 euros (to discuss)
Hello, we sell our van early August, because it will be time for us to return to Belgium! We are looking for nice buyers to continue the adventure with him, Europeans because it facilitates the transaction.

It has currently 153 000 km and we will still travel to Argentina and Bolivia with it. We estimate mileage on sale between 163,000 and 165,000 km.

This is a good mileage for this type of van, it is still "young".

All the papers are ready for sale (technical inspection (10/2018), circulation seguro (04/2019, ...).

This is an essence that consumes 10L / 100km. The van is healthy and resistant and it goes everywhere. (We did the carretera austral and passed passes at 4300m altitude at -10 degrees!).

The van started its new life as an adventurer in February 2017 and has since been pampered. We follow the same lineage :)

There are three seats in the front and the dashboard is very basic and simple. Moreover it is a model very widespread in Chile so no problem to find parts. We have already traveled to 4 for three weeks with a tent in addition to welcome visitors from Belgium who joined us on the road.

The rear part is equipped with a bed for two people, storage under the bed (the former owner was there even two surfs) and a kitchen with storage space. The trunk provided a most pleasant roof when cooking. It is possible to use the kitchen from the inside under extreme conditions. The entire cabin is insulated and covered with wood.

The equipment below will stay in the van for you:

- A spare wheel and a replacement kit
- Brake fluid, coolant
- A petrol jerry can of 20L
- Fire extinguisher
- An auxiliary battery (to charge all electrical equipment even when stopped)
- An icebox / electric fridge
- A led luminaire
- Two gas stove (and some 1L bottle)
- Crockery for two people (pan, stove, camping cooking kit, boxes and jars for food storage)
- BBQ grill
- A water jerry cans of 20L
- 2 seats and a camping table
- 2 hot duvets
- Two pillows
- Two sets of sheets
- mosquito net
- A solar shower
- A radio set with mini-jack cable
- A mirror
- Candles
- DIY tools

In short, it is ready for use!

Concerning the maintenance, as said above, we scrupulously made the necessary to keep it in shape. Here is the history since its transformation.

- Oil change (92,300 km)
- Change of 4 all-terrain tires (92,300 km)
- Overhaul of the brakes (92 300 kms)
- Change of the timing belt (92 000 kms)
- Change of 2 off-road tires (98 500 kms)
- Oil change (102,500 km)
- Replacement of ball joints (108,600 km)
- Air filter change (102 800 kms)
- Front bearing change (110,300 km)
- Changing the fuel filter (110 300 kms)
- Change of four spark plugs (110 300 kms)
- Oil change (120,000 km)
- Adjustment of the direction (123 000 kms)
- Oil change and fuel filter (126 000 kms)
- Change of oil and oil filter (132 500 kms)
- Oil change (140. 500 kms)
- Change of 2 off-road tires (140,800 kms)
- Change air filter and petrol (140,800 km)
- Change of candles (140,800 kms)
- Overhaul of brakes and fluid change of direction and refrigerant (140,800 kms)
- Change of oil and oil filter (150.000 kms)
- Change of the steering rack and ball joints, steering alignment and wheel balance (153.000)
- Battery change (154 000 km)
- Change of 2 mixed tires (155 500kms)
- Change of timing belt (156 000 kms)
- Change of break paths (158 000 kms)

Before the sale, we will carry out with you what we call a pre-sale visit, at the garage of your choice, before making sure that you leave with a healthy van.

In summary, its main advantages are:

His youth: little breakage, a nice cruising speed (110-120km / h), easy to find parts and good mileage.
His discretion: go anywhere, he does not attract attention.
Its simplicity: easy to repair, you can do it yourself!

We have become pros of the Chilean administration for the purchase of a vehicle so we will hand over it with pleasure! It takes about 3 days in Santiago for all the steps if all goes well. You will be clearly explained the steps.

If you are convinced and want to hit the road with "gigi" (that's the name we gave it, changeable wish but you know we end up attaching), contact us via one of next canals, we will be happy to answer your questions.

e-mail: [email protected] - [email protected]
facebook: benjamin rifon - lara rauwers
whatsapp: +32478680291 - +32474452006

See you soon ! Ben & Lara