FOR SALE: 4WD Hyundai Santa Fe - Chile - Aug 2015

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#1 Tue, 03/17/2015 - 15:02

FOR SALE: 4WD Hyundai Santa Fe - Chile - Aug 2015

Dear Traveler,

At the moment we´re (Sten and Laura, a Dutch couple) making a trip through South America.
We started our trip in Santiago de Chile and bought our Hyundai Santa Fe there. After our trip through Patagonia we arrived in Uruguay rightnow. The car is in perfect state, the last 10.000 km without any problems! Also on the dustroads this car performs outstanding!
Our Santa Fe has everything you need for traveling around here. It has a comfortable bed and all the gear needed to wildcamp, on our trip we only did wildcamping. The advantage of the Santa Fe is it´s stealth, nobody expect that there are people sleeping inside the car.
In August our trip will end but luckely we have some months left on this lovely trip!

In August (prefered middle of August) we will sell our car in Chile, because there we know how to sell the car.

Specifications about our Hyundai Santa Fe 2005:
-2.6L Benzine V6 motor (10L on 100 km)
-Chilean licenseplate (easy to buy car and travel across borders with Chilean licenseplate)
-At the moment 140.000 km (expected 20.000 more)
-Automatic transmission with possibility of manual (for in the mountains)
-Jumper cables
-Tinted rearwindows (good for sleepingcomfort)
-Radio with mp3/usb
-Extern stearinglock

-Comfortable 140x190 bed (frontseats need to go forward in the night) with blanket and pillows
-Solar shower
-Maps of all countries we visited
-2 person tent with thermomattress (we use these for trekkings)
-Rain/sunscreen (possible to attach to the car or use at the beach etc)
-Camping chairs
-Tools we needed to build the bed
-(When interessed: our surfboards)

If you are interessed/want more info/have other questions about travelling around here or about buying a car, just send us and email. Email: [email protected]

Sten en Laura

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Sun, 05/10/2015 - 05:25

Hi. We are planning to travel

Hi. We are planning to travel at south america for 7 months and looking for a 4 x 4 camper .

we will arrive santiago chile on 18 Aug.

Is the car still for sale ??

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Mon, 06/22/2015 - 11:39


This car  is sold.