For sale - American Van "Goliath" in Chile, Valparaiso for Jan 2017

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For sale - American Van "Goliath" in Chile, Valparaiso for Jan 2017

I am Ben from France. With my girlfriend Laurie, we are now driving through South America in our awesome American Van and we are thinking about selling it :'( in Jannuary 2017 around Valparaiso (Reñaca exactly next to Viña Del Mar), we will be coming from Patagonia at that time so we can easily arrange it between Puerto Montt and Santiago over that period too.

"Goliath" is a Dodge Ram 2500 year 2000 full equiped for trips.

246 000 kms (153 000 miles)
Oil Engine V8 5.2L
Fuel consumption ~ 15L/100km
Automatic Transmission
Tank 120L (Long range trips)

This Van is a very strong car and can get trhough any ugly road ! The previous owners from California converted it into a home on wheels and drove it from there down here. Then we went to many trails in Argentina and very difficult paths of Bolivia and Paraguay and it has always been fine.

It is very easy and pleasant to drive even if it is quite big, it is great for long trips. Also when the traffic is getting more dense, the other drivers are cautious around it :) The engine is incredibly strong so don't worry when you need it, that's why it's named "Goliath" ! There are also volt and oil pressure gauges on the dashboard for better checking.

Inside, it is very comfortable with a king size bed and storage compartments behind. The walls are all covered of wood with insulation behind. We sell it along with all the stuff inside, there is all you need to travel :

- 2 Spare Wheels
- 2 water tanks 20L
- 2 oil tanks 20 L
- Plenty of tools
- Diverse materials & Replacements parts for emergencies
- Shovel
- 2 stoves (small for treks and a larger)
- Solar shower
- Cooking equipments & Dishes
- Tarp
- Grill
- Aid Kit
- ...

It is perfect for 2 persons and it is also comfortable at 3 (you can drive at 3 persons at front). We did long trips with a friend and only used the van to sleep, Argentinian nights temperature was above 0°C at that time and we slept well. You can be more travelling in it but you will need additional tents and the passengers on the bed behind won't see as well as at front.

On mechanical aspects, we are regularly checking with mechanics along the road as we go through difficult and dusty roads. The engine runs perfectly, we checked it with computer, everything is fine. Also we replaced the water pump and the gearbox was changed before we bought the van. Oil & oil filter changed.

We ask 4000 € for it.
There is no need for RUT and the paperwork is very very easy.

Contact : [email protected]

Eager to hear from you,

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Fri, 12/09/2016 - 13:05

do you still have it for sale

do you still have it for sale? please contact me to [email protected] or +5491156579852. Im from Argentina.