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In Santiago, Ford Forest River 2650 sunseeker 2011 equiped for 6 people, ready to travel, including extra boot, bike rack with 6 bikes, 600w solar panel, lots of options.

Canadian Immatriculation.


Forest River Sunseeker 2650CDW 2011
Total length excluding extra boot and bicycle rack: 26.50ft, 30ft in total.
Chassis Ford E450 with motor Triton 6.8L V10 380hp, probably the most robust engine on the North American market, with plenty of power to go across the Andes. Currently 200,000kms, which is not a lot for this type of engine, as it is known to easily go to 500,000kms.


* Layout
Electric slide out providing plenty of space for a large family travelling long term.
7 beds in total, 5 of which are adult size and permanent, you don't have to re-transform your van every morning and night.
Dining table with extension to take 6/7 pers.
Fully fitted kitchen, with 3 gas burner, large gas oven, fitted for a family of 6, with appliances microwave, electric food mixer, stick blender and electric whisk.
Bathroom with full size independent shower, toilet and basin.
Large grey and black water tanks.

* What makes our van completely independent
140L water tank, large enough, you can find water everywhere in SA.
40kg embedded propane tank, with 15kg spare bottle connected in the boot. (approx 2 months autonomy)
5 water filters: 20ym, 5ym, carbon, UV and ceramic, allows you to make any water potable. Hot water with propane via hot water boiler.
3500W roof aircon unit
Embedded Cummins generator 4000W, working on same fuel tank as engine
GPS Garmin, with reverse camera
600W of solar panels on the roof, with state of the art Outback charge controller. 320A.h of gel batteries providing almost unlimited amount of power.
2 inverters 600W and 3000W

Generator simmonds
Gas heater with fan ducted throughout the van.


* Additional equipment
Cuttlery and cookery for 8 including a pressure cooker (specially useful in the Andes), salad bowls, sauce pan and oven dishes. (we love baking....)
Towels, and beddings for 6 pers.
Amazing storage. Usually a problem with smaller motorhomes. Plenty of cupboards, 5 different boots including one enormous one.
6 bicycles
Outdoor dining table, 6 dining chairs.
Enormous toolbox, hundreds of tools including rechargeable drill, rivet gun, lots spare parts for the van, everything you need to do your own maintenance. 
Outdoor shower, great to rinse off when you're at the beach.
Wifi booster
Travel guides for all of America

Contact [email protected] Phone chile 979957805

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forrest river

do you have an email ir whattapp number?

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[email protected]

Mobile 9821014039

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forrest river

do you have an email ir whattapp number?