FOR SALE: chevy cavalier, 2003, red. PANAMA - $3000

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#1 Tue, 01/20/2015 - 17:16

FOR SALE: chevy cavalier, 2003, red. PANAMA - $3000

For sale is our 2003 chevy cavalier, 180000km on the clock and still going strong.

We got the car for $4000 in LA only a few months ago and it has taken us all the way to panama, no problems. It's two wheel drive and we've had no problems on the roads on the way down.

We'll be around panama for the next few weeks at least so can sell any time. We'd take $3000 for it and can chuck the following in if anyone is interested in camping on the way up to the states (highly recomended).

-really good three man tent Coleman cobra 3

-air bed

-sleeping bags

-cooking equipment including stove and decent pan etc

car is in great condition still and will smash the trip back to the USA. we have all the required documents in our names.....I haven't got a clue how you go about changing this to be yours so you can get through the border so the buyer needs to be responsible for that.

email me [email protected] to arrange a viewing and I'll send you photos.


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