FOR SALE IN CHILE EARLY SEPTEMBER: Nissan Pathfinder with rooftop tent $6000

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FOR SALE IN CHILE EARLY SEPTEMBER: Nissan Pathfinder with rooftop tent $6000


Available in Santiago, Chile from early September. Please PM for details regarding dates!

After spending the last year and a half traveling from Canada to Chile, our travels are about to come to an end. It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to this wonderful part of the world and pass our trusted Pathfinder on to other travelers. Available in Santiago, Chile, late July to early September. 

The Nissan Pathfinder is a rugged and robust vehicle known for reliability, it has never let us down on our travels. Four wheel drive and high clearance lets you go anywhere. Rugged mountain roads, soft sand and even deep snow are no problem at all. We have always looked after the car very well, we have regularly changed fluids and filters and replaced batteries, brake pads and suspension parts as they wore out.

Car specs:
1998 Nissan Pathfinder
Canadian (BC) plates
3.6l V6 Gasoline engine
5 speed manual transmission
2WD, 4WD and 4WD-LOW range
Currently 245k km, expect to increase to 250-260k km
Air conditioning
5 good quality tires
New shocks front and rear
Some scratches but no major body damage
Rear suspension fitted with “Airlift” airbags for extra support
Front windows fitted with anti-break film, rear windows fitted with tinted film
All locks fitted with anti-temper plates

We built this beauty ourselves and it has served us extremely well. Setting it up literally takes seconds. Getting in and out is easy with the lightweight ladder. The tent has been coated with several layers of waterproofing silicon paint and the fabric is heavy-duty canvas which is water resistant as well as breathable. There's a door on either side, both fitted with fine mesh mosquito netting. It has a very comfortable queen-size mattress and is spacious enough to leave all your bedding inside when the tent is folded up for driving. Also has power plugs inside for charging laptops and phones. There's a little fold-able table inside and also a fold-able “bench” to lean against while watching movies in bed. There's a little fan for hot nights and an electric heater can be plugged in on cold nights.

We spent a lot of time researching and installing the power system. We have never needed to plug in for power, with the fridge running day and night.
Two 6V 225AH deep-cycle batteries are charged both through the alternator while driving and by the 285w, 36V solar panel on the rooftop tent. The house batteries are connected to the starter battery through a voltage sensing relay which automatically isolates the house batteries when discharging, preventing drainage of the starter battery. 100A fuses are installed on both batteries. The solar panel charges the batteries through a high quality MPPT 20A solar charge controller. It takes about half a day of sunny weather to fully charge the batteries. A 300w (600w peak) pure sine wave inverter provides plenty of power to run the fridge and charge laptops, cell phones and cameras etc. There are power outlets both in the front and back as well as in the rooftop tent, any appliance can be plugged in. We have installed both European and US type outlets, but they can easily be rewired to other types. We also have a WiFi range extender, for using WiFi on McDonalds and Walmart parking lots. All parts of the power set-up are expensive and high quality components.

We have removed the backseats and installed shelves which hold 3 large plastic boxes for clothes. We also installed a digital safe behind the drivers' seat, securely chained to the car frame, for keeping laptops, cameras, important papers and valuables. In the back are 3 large slide-out drawers, the bottom two have legs (see pictures). We use one to store food and one for tools and camping gear. The third contains pots and pans and a two-burner stove and propane cylinder. There is also a 30 liter fridge with small freezing compartment which is easily big enough to chill some meat, vegetables and 12 beers. There are a 20 liter solid water tank and a 20 liter fold-able one. Behind the fridge is lots of room to store some lesser-used stuff.

Gear list:
30 liter fridge with freezer compartment
20 liter solid water tank and 20 liter fold-able water tank
3 by 3 meter tarp connects to the rooftop tent, in case of strong sun or heavy rain
Two 10lb propane cylinders
Double burner stove
Pressure cooker pan (essential for high altitude cooking!)
Two regular pans
One large wok
Plates, bowls, cups and cutlery
Two camping chairs
Camping table
Various tools and hardware
Jumper cables
Electric heater for in the roof tent
Digital safe for storing electronics and valuables
Small air compressor

The car comes with the following recovery gear. Though you're unlikely to get stuck you'll earn lots of beer getting others unstuck!
40” High Lift Jack with platform for soft surfaces
Regular hydraulic jack
Dynamic recovery strap (never used)
Various lengths of chain, chain hooks and shackles
Axe and saw
We are very sad at having to sell to our trusty Pathfinder which has been our companion on our travels, we could not have hoped for a stronger and more reliable vehicle and we are positive it will serve you equally well. Feel free to PM if you'd like more details or photos.
Available in Santiago, Chile, from late July to early September (Please PM for details regarding dates).

PRICE: $US 6000 or Euro equivalent. PM or email markvanderheden [at] hotmail [dot] com