For Sale: The coolest 1990 VW Kombi in Santiago November

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For Sale: The coolest 1990 VW Kombi in Santiago November

We are an Aussie couple (reluctantly) looking to sell our 1990 VW Kombi in Santiago around the start of November 2014. The Kombi truly is an amazing vehicle to get around in. Everyone wants to be your friend and you will constantly have people coming up to you to take a photo with the car, however my favorite is the looks you get from young children as they stare out the window of their car as they whiz past you on the highway. To quote a good friend of mine 'The Kombi is the international symbol of  complete freedom'. It is also a requirement of owning the car that you wave to every other kombi you see.

The engine was completely rebuilt by the previous owners. As I bought it from this forum I can probably give you their details (I can ask them) if you would like to check. However being quite a skeptical person myself I wanted it looked at by a professional. As it was very hard to find information about a Kombi specialist in Santiago I would like take the opportunity to recommend to anyone searching to visit Juan Carlos Rubio at Mecanica automotriz Volkswagen Rubio E Hijos. Located at Abate Molina 1259. They have about 30 old Kombis and Bugs in the garage and between the 3 or 4 guys who work there must have 150+ years exp working on these cars. The are the best Volkswagen mechanics in Santiago. I spoke to Juans father who had 50 years experience alone. Anyway Juan test drove the car for me and looked at the engine. After assuring me that it was in perfect running order I bought it. After that I got him to do a full service on the car and got him to replace a few small things, including reconditioning the starter motor and putting in a new air filter. Since then it has run flawlessly without any problems. Myself and the previous owners also checked and replaced oil regularly and do general maintenance.

The car is fully equipped with everything you need to begin your adventure and includes:
-Bed/Blankets/Pillows for two people. Bed is good for someone up to about 6'3.
-Two camping chairs and a Table.
-Lots of storage compartments, cabinets, drawers, under the bed, next to the bed and built into the work area.
-Fishing rod and fishing gear.
-Some simple tools.
-Maps and camping books for Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.
-Steering Lock.
-Sony Xplod Sound System  which can play Ipod/Cds. The face plate is also detachable so as not to be stolen.
- Extra 20L fuel tank.
- Full kitchen set with pots, pans, plates, forks etc for 4 people and Charcoal BBQing equipment plus a portable gas stove.

-Toaster Oven

- Plastic boxes and tupperware for storage

- Power  points for when your stopped at a powered campsite. 
- Spare tire and other spares such as spark plugs, timing belts and more.

-2 fire extinguishers and safety triangle.
-Tow rope.
-Jumper cables.

In addition all paperwork has been recently renewed and is valid until early September 2015.

Revision Tecnica – valid for one year (Chile vehicle inspection)
Emissiones valid for one year (Chile emissions test)
Permiso de Circulation from the Municipalidad - valid for one year (tax for driving in Chile)
Insurance for Chile

The  asking price is $6500 USD or 3,900,000 Chilean pesos OBO. Or if you happen to be Australian a bank transfer in AUD may be easier.


***PRICE DROP will be accepting 6000USD or 3,500,000 Chilean pesos*** As I would now like to get out of Santiago as soon as possible, big cities scare me!

Please contact me at [email protected] DOT COM

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Bump as the information has been updated.

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We will be arriving in

We will be arriving in Santiago this week and the Van is still available. Price Negotiable.

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Updated for price drop

Updated for price drop