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1998 Mitsubishi Delica L400 4x4 Turbo Diesel Intercooled (high roof)

107.000 kms (67.000 miles)

Second owner since it was imported (to Asuncion, Paraguay) from Japan in 2012. Paraguayan plates and title which is in my name. 

I bought and built this campervan for a trip around the Americas, I finished a 15.000 km trip around Patagonia but now I am unable to travel for extended periods of time anymore

Asking price: U$S 11.500


   - 145hp  engine (about 240 lb/ft of torque), 10-11.5 liters per 100 km (fully loaded), best I got was 9l-100kms at 80 km per hour with no a/c on long flat streches of road. Reached  almost 5000 metres of altitude crossing  the Andes and on a couple of other ocasions without a problem. Engine is chain driven
  - Did a compression test before buying the van, engine is in superb condition
  - Uses any type of diesel
  - Absolutely no rust
  - The Delica is basically a Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero (second generation in this case) with a different body shell, they have the same engine, gearbox and most of the same supension components
-  Automatic transmission, 4 speed (overdrive),  with A/T mode (when selected the van will not roll back and will start in second gear for slippery conditions and steep terrain)
  - Dual A/C blows cold (heat not working)
  - Oil and filter religiously changed every 7000 km (using semi sinthetic), same with fuel and air filter (I carry a spare of each). A full maintenance was performed this week
  - 5 new 29 inch (stock diameter) Kumho Venture all terrain tyres with over  80% tread left
  - Automatic transmission fluid changed every 10.000 kms. Transmission fluid metal filter removed and cleaned at each fluid change.
  - Cooling system flushed and checked just now. Radiator, fan clutch, thermostat, coolant reservoir in great condition.
  - Intercooler  removed to be cleaned but it was spotless. Turbo in perfect condition.
  - Automatic transmission mounts replaced along with left sway bar end link.
  - Power windows, mirros and locks
  - Perfectly working 4wd system with Super Select transfer case, which has a lockable center differential and helical rear limited slip  differential
  - Brake pads recently replaced.
  - Driver and passanger airbags
  - Pioneer head unit (USB/CD/Aux) 4 speakers
  - Factory fog lamps. All bulbs for head lamps (high and low beam) tail lamps and fog lamps have been changed (carrying spares)
  - Factory side steps and factory rear aluminum ladder

  - Thicker bashplate from a Montero/Pajero intalled


  - Tire pressure monitoring system installed that allows you to know the real time pressure of all 4 tires with warnings (sound and visual) when tires get to low, too high or too hot
  - VIAIR air compressor
  -  Tire repair kit
  - Custom roof Rack
  - Portable Toilet
  - Coleman dual burner stove, works with Kerosene, unleaded gasoline, or with cooking gas with an adaptor
  - 12v Igloo thermoelectric fridge (not freezer) for meats, vegetables,dairy or whatever you want to keep cool
  - Portable electric shower
  - 12v oven ( put whatever you want to cook/bake inside, including meats, drive for a while and your meal will be ready)
  - 12v cable extension
  - Pots, pans, cutlery
  - Shovel
  - Jumper cables
  - Tow bar
  - Tarps and extendable  poles for small awning
  - Folding chairs
  - 2 30 litre plastic containers for water/diesel
  - Spare hoses, belts, filters, bulbs, glow plugs and others
  - Extra engine oil, transmission and brake fluid and coolant
  - Second brand new battery (did not have time to do a dual battery set up but still carry the additional battery)
  - Tool kit
  - Portable washing machine (pressurized, hand operated)


- The interior was completely stripped and 1 inch insulation was applied on the floors, roof and side panels

- Large comfortable bed with very big storage place underneath that could be extended to form a larger bed 2 meters by 140 cm, enough for two people.

- Small wooden cabinet with metal a sink with a 20 liter  clean water sprayer (hand pump)  next to a 20 liter gray water jug and left over storage space inside the cabinet

  -The layout was designed so all the gear fits inside  the storage places so nothing stays visible (safety) or moving around while off roading specially on steep inclines and descents, and  also to have most of the weight between the two axles (weight distribution) and low on the floor  (stability and performance)

  - This layout was thought out to  maximize space usage and convenience allowing you to move around inside the van, use the toilet, change clothes or whatever you need.  You can cook at the back of the van standing outside under the rear door, in the middle of the vehicle where the sliding door is while standing or sitting outside or you can comfortably cook inside when you dont want to be noticed or you encounter extreme weather like I did in Patagonia.

  - Special attention was paid to the weight of the gear and layout. The wood was covered with fiber glass resin for additional strengh and rigidity while being extremely light but resistent and durable. It survived extremely bad roads and off road tracks in Patagonia while having me and my girlfriend sleeping on top (I weigh over 140 kgs/ 300 lbs)

  The bad

  - The heat is not working, will try to have it fixed

  - The paint is not in great condition like the rest of the van, it is fading on the roof and there are some scratches around which I caused overlanding.

I simply bought the best van I could find and fit the best gear I could get to it without ever thinking of reselling it, the Delica has never left me stranded nor broken down, it has never been in an accident nor abused. It has been meticulously taken care of by myself and apparently also by the previous owner . The previous owner used it to commute to work, where I saw it parked everyday for many years. I hardly think you can find one in a better condition with such low mileage, specially fitted as it is.

I hate the idea of this van spending its days stuck in traffic like it is right now, I would like someone to travel with it and have great times like I did. If you come over to Paraguay you can have the title transfered to your name if so you wish. I might be willing to deliver the van (for a cost) depending on where you are in SA, regardless of the distance, since this will be the perfect excuse for a last quick trip for me.

I will be happy to answer any questions, I have many videos and pictures. Happy travels


Steve (Esteban)

Whatspp: +595 991 214 682

Email: [email protected]