For Sale: Dodge Ram Van in Costa Rica or Panama Dec 2014/ Jan 2015

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For Sale: Dodge Ram Van in Costa Rica or Panama Dec 2014/ Jan 2015


Currently selling our Dodge Ram Van in either Costa Rica or Panama. We are currently in Nicaragua and have been slowly venturing down from the U.S. This car has been so good to us and we are sad to say that our journey with it is coming to an end. 

The car has Californian plates and is totally set up for either continuing south or heading back up to the U.S.

Dodge Ram Van Year 2000, It has AC, High clearance, new tires, tinted windows, clean and new interior. (outside exterior isn't flashy but that is exactly why we bought it!) We have invested a lot of money into making this the most comfortable and reliable van possible. We built the entire interior ourselves. It has a futon that can fit 4 people comfortably though we pull it out and use it as our bed mostly. We have also built two deep wooden draws for storage. The interior is wooden with insulation for both hot and cold climates.

Also the car will come with EVERYTHING you need for your journey. Because Baja and Mexico was quite remote we made sure that we had everything we needed incase we came across and troubles. All mechanical tools, work tools, camping equipment, storage tubes, mosquito nets, cooking equipment and more will be included with the van. We were hoping to find a van that was perfect for the trip in LA all ready set up as a camper but we didn't so we created it!

If you are generally interested please contact me via my email.

[email protected] 

i can send you photos and talk price etc. :)