For Sale : Family 4x4, Chevrolet Silverado Camper Pick up, in/around Santiago - Chile, Now.

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For Sale : Family 4x4, Chevrolet Silverado Camper Pick up, in/around Santiago - Chile, Now.

Hi there, we are a Chilean Overlander Family, we are selling our beloved pick up camper, since we are in Europe plannig to buy one here. 

It is Currently in Santiago (Chile) until end of May, then probaly close to Santiago.

There is Ideal for a Travel Family with two kids or up to 4 travellers. Also single travellers who like space.


Smooth handling, easy to park. With maximum fuel and water load, if it is necessary to overtake or maneuver the engine has no problem, very stable. Parts very cheap and easy to find in all america.

We let go Picaflow, our flow family ship. We have never a single problem with it, its the most excellent vesel, we make some native wood imporvements in the interior, couchins,etc and it has been with us for 4 years, traveling trough Chile, on holidays and one long 3 month trip from southern Chile to Peru. Great Ship, never failed. Its been take care as an other memenr of the famliy. We are verry sorry to let it go. Its build on a Steel Structure ( not wood) with great isolation, ideal for chilean and southamerican off roads, simple systems in the camper, to self fix in case needed. The Pick up and the camper are in great shape! Ready to flow.

Some details

Chevrolet Silverado, Z71, 4x4, Extended Cab ( 5 places with seatbealt), full leather seats, cruise, hitch and bars for surf tables or snowboards.

For 4 people, excellent conditions, ready to go! 

Chilean registration and plates, all paper on rule ( Revision tecnica and Circulation Permision)

Camper has 2 double beds, kitchen (GAS), Chemical Toilet easy to empty in any gas station, shower, hot water (gas boiler)!

With up-to-date maintenance, ready to travel!

Some specs

Zilverado 4x4

1998, with 150.000 kms on the meter ( we are the second owners)

Unstoppable (4x4 automatic - 2WD + 4HIGH + 4 LOW)

80L. gas tank

2 batteries one for pick up, one for the camper
Powerfull and invensible V8 motor 5.0L, gasoline
Comfortable (Automatic gears, cruise control, hydraulic direction)
Great two beds and diner space (foldable bed, led lights built-in)
Great kitchen (sink, cooking stove, small size gas bottle, lots of storing space)
Great water 200 Lts Water tank, and 80 Lts grey water tank, Gas boiler for hot water in the sink and bathroom.
Plug for 220, volts.


New spare tire, 4 tires still have mid life. in great conditions.
New Fuel Pump, and gasoline filter. Oil Changed and oil filter too. Air filter changed. Brakes where changed 20.000 kms ago. come with some Spare Parts (Air filters, oilfilters, engine belt, etc)

Things that could be checked before long travel.

Change the spark plugs (bujías), there are 8 arround  (arround $30 USD)

Only small detail is when the fuell pump was changed the fuel indicator, ended up not working perfect ,so it show more gasoline than it has, so you have to charge gas when its says 1/4. 

The Price: 13.600 euros.

For more information you can contact by WhatsApp to +56 989853642.



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