*For Sale* GMC Savannah Van 2000

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*For Sale* GMC Savannah Van 2000

Hello travellers! Me and my husband are two English folk who have been travelling for the last 7 months. We are looking to sell our beloved GMC Savannah (named: the Gold Mofo Cruiser) when we reach the end of our trip and Canada/America kick us out of the country. We bought the van in Texas and it had previously only had 2 owners from new.  It was still used as a people carrier when we bought it but we have kitted it out with lots of goodies and so it is now totally self sufficient, you can cook, charge your devices and live totally off grid! One of the many benefits of this van is that it's very discreet which has enabled us to stay overnight for free in walmarts, city centres and other places that don't allow campervans.  It has so many perks and drives great, I will try to list everything below.

What it comes with: 

• Bed with all bedding, sheets, comfortor and ginormous sleeping bag that we have open and goes to -30 degrees. 

• All plates, cutlery, dishes, frying pan, pot, camp stove, mugs and glasses for two people 

• under bed storage boxes and plenty of room for clothes etc

• tools to maintain the vehicle 

• interior fairy lights and a walnut finish, there is also ac in the back and speakers. So swanky. 

• a plug in cool box (via cigarette lighter plug) which doesn't need ice!

• solar panel and Yeti battery which can be charged using the solar panel and powers the cooler, phones, laptop etc. It's basically an external leisure battery. 

• two bicycles with bike rack. 

• two fold out camp chairs with important beer holder section 

The above has cost us around $1,500 and has been work every penny. 

About the GMC: 

• Automatic 

• cruise control, ac, stereo (with a tape that you can plug into any aux port including iPhones to play music), radio, all creature comforts 

• 5.7 V8 petrol engine

• 220k miles

• three owners from new (including us!), the year of the van is 2000 

• sits 7 people with all the seats in and ready to go

• sleeps two people comfortably in the back

• it's GOLD 

This amazing van has done us proud so far and we will be sad (but proud) to see him go onto his next adventure. 

We are looking to sell in September or October either in Vancouver or west coast of America (we are open to ideas/schedules). More photos will be posted soon, or email to request specifics/ask any questions. 

We are looking for $7,000 for the van including everything listed above. 



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