For sale: Honda Pilot 4x4

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For sale: Honda Pilot 4x4

For Sale Honda Pilot 4x4, V6, 3.5 liter, 2006, dark grey
Approximately 285.000 km
Available mid March 2019 around Puerto Montt or Santiago
Price Euro 8500,-

You’ve made it to this site and you’ve made it to this ad, so it means you’re planning for a great travel experience. We’ve got a great car that will support you in that. It combines the power and trust of a strong and comfortable 4x4, with the completeness and ease of use of the cleverly designed cooking and sleeping facilities in this converted car.
It’s a car designed by travelers for travelers and looking for new owners that want to experience the freedom such a car provides.
The car has been very well maintained and maintenance history can be provided. The exterior has no major damage, but obviously shows signs of the adventures of the travelers before you.
The car comes with 4 good tires and a full spare wheel.
The permiso the circulation and Certificado Seguro Obligatorio are until 31/3/19 and the Revision Technica until 16/3/19.

The car originally is a 7 seater that has been converted. We’re both pretty tall (1.92 and 1.75 cm) and sleep comfortably in the bed as it both has the required length as well as headroom. Importantly as well is that it has good curtains to ensure its nice and dark inside.
Under the bed there is room for 6 large baskets that carry all your luggage. In the current set up, two are used for tools and spare materials (all included), 2 for food and 2 for clothing. Next to this there is a 35 liter cool box.
Also it has two 20 liter water tanks as well as two large fold chairs, two small stools and a large and sturdy folding table.

Once you lift the last part of the bed it turns into your own ‘food truck’. The kitchen area is very cleverly designed with everything easily available and stored. A plank folds down and serves as table both for preparing and eating your meals. There are specially created spaces for the wine and wine glasses (!), herbs, teas, oil & vinegar etc. Underneath the cooking gas the cutlery, bowls cups etc. are stored.

On the rooftop of the car is a solar panel that creates the energy to charge a battery. Very convenient for charging cell phones, laptops, camera’s but potentially also an electrical cool box. Next to the solar panel is a waterproof travel bag that stores two 20 liter gasoline tanks, spare oil, a BBQ, 2 fishing rods and the jack.
There’s also a canvas that can be put up as a shelter from rain.

All the materials and equipment in the car are included in the price.

This car is available for your adventure! Send me a whatsapp on +56 9 6582 9451