For sale - Kombi T2 1989 - Chile - June 2019

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For sale - Kombi T2 1989 - Chile - June 2019

Dear travelers!!

Available in June - Chile

After 9 months, it’s unfortunately the time for us to sell our beloved kombi …

With it we have been driving for more than 15000 kilometers, everywhere we wanted: gravel roads, little rivers, dirty roads, high altitude, …

It’s also a good friend in every weather, there is plenty of space for living inside during rainy days, but when the sun’s coming you can also live outside : put the table, the tiny light, the awning, and let’s have a drink 

Price: 9 500 euros or equivalent

Technical details:

  • Kombi T2 model from Brazil year 1989, 1600, air-cooled
  • Gasoline 93 (the cheapest in Chile) medium consumption 10litres /100km
  • Paint made two years ago
  • Actually the mileage is around 85000 Km. It’s impossible to know how many kilometers the Kombi has been running before, cause in these types of vehicle there are only 5 numbers in the counter … But we know that the kombi wasn’t own by travelers who has maid ten times the turn of South America before us!!

Regular maintenance of the vehicle: oil changes and valves regulations every 3000 km, greasing every 8 000 km
Brake’s checked last January
The CT will be made before (for now going on September 2019)
Chilean’s SOAP vehicle insurance until march 2020 + international insurance available until September 2019


  • The inside is made with wood and isolation with glass wool
  • Lot of storages
  • Electric autonomy: power inverter 12V / 220 Volts, 2 plugs cigar lighter with USB ports, 220 V camping-car electric plug for electricity from outside the van

When we bought it, we made these accommodations:

  • Kitchen: sink with 12V electric tap water, 2 gas cookers (with a 3 months’ autonomy)
  • Installation of an auxiliary deep cycle battery and a splitter coupler (with this don’t need to worry about discharging the motor’s battery )
  • Hidden safety box with key opening or digital code: plenty of space for 2 computers, documents, …
  • New cozy mattresses and cover (washables), and convertible bed into sofa


During our trip, we made these reparations:

  • Change of the motor’s hooks + new engine’s alternator (October 2018)
  • Recent change of cylinder heads, cylinders and pistons (April 2018): this is a good part of the motor, it should long last! We have used this opportunity to check the condition of the connecting rod and crankshaft area

Little reparations and modifications:

  • Electric spinner (February 2019)
  • Accelerator cable (February)
  • New door handles (driver, passenger, trunk…)
  • New gasoline tap (November)
  • Slit sealing for windows (November)
  • 2 new speakers

Yep, we loved taking care of our beloved friend and keeping it at its best

The vehicle is all equipped, with everything’s you need to travel:

  • Kitchen: pots, pans, plates, cutlery’s, bowls, mugs, kitchen’s utensils… everything’s for four people… A cooler, and a BARBECUE!!
  • One great folding table DECATHLON with four chairs
  • Solar shower, one big tarp 4 x 5 m, awning for shadow (that you can transform in tent, it’s like one more room during rainy time) …
  • Lamps, light garlands, rain gears, etc.
  • Extra tanks of 20L of water and and 20L gasoline
  • Tools and accessories: gel and tire inflator, jack, towing chain, jumper cables, shovel, yellow safety vest, triangle and fire extinguisher, tools box, flywheel blocker, spare battery…
  • Extra parts for the motor: battery, belts, sparkling plugs, fuses, fuel filter, tail lights, bulbs, accelerator cable and clutch cable, joints, screws, etc.

In resume, it’s a really pleasant kombi for travelling, with lots of storages, easy to fixed little problem by yourself, with a bit of knowledge’s or searching, with parts quite easy to find in south America

During our trip, we also discovered that there is a network of « kombi fan club » in South America, with really sweet families always happy to open their houses, giving a hand or help, and with these people, we had reeeeaaaally great moments in these countries. Depends of your destination, but we can give you the contacts 

Of course, all the papers are in order, and we can help you to realize the administrative papers work to buy the kombi.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us 

Elie and Thibaud

Contact on Whatsapp: +56 9 7542 9324


For pictures:


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