**For sale** Land Rover Discovery 2 in Peru/Chile June 2018

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**For sale** Land Rover Discovery 2 in Peru/Chile June 2018

We are a Dutch-American family and have for sale an extremely capable 2004 Land Rover Discovery 2, which is off-road and overland ready for 2-4 persons. This vehicle is US registered (Minnesota, USA).  USD 8,650 or Euro 7,000 or best offer.

Car is available May/June 2018 in Peru. The perfect starting point for a South American adventure!

Car details:
• Land Rover Discovery 2
• Year: 2004
• Motor: 4.6L V8 gasoline
• Automatic transmission (with manual diff lock and low range)
• Air-conditioning (front)
• BF Goodrich 275/65 R18 All terrain KO2 tires
• USA plates (Minnesota)
• Mileage by the end of our trip around 112,000 miles (180,000kms)

What comes with the car:
• Original Land Rover Bullbar
• Roofrack cage ARB (steel with rail floor dimensions: 43.25x53inches (i.e. 1100x1350mm) – new in Oct 2017
• 42 liter Boab poly water tank (fits behind back seat), plus extra jerry cans (20 Liters; 5 gallons)
• Fire extinguisher
• Ultra Gauge EM1.2 OBD on-board computer with manual (electronic)
• Heavy duty steering wheel lock
• Jack and wrench
• Spare tire
• Numerous spare parts

Car has been well maintained and serviced every 3,500 miles and has over USD 6,000 in upgrades and extras done in Oct 2017.

Upgrades done in Oct 2017 at 95,000 miles:
• Head gasket (and bolts), valve cover gasket, lower and upper intake manifold gaskets, exhaust gaskets
• Heavy duty coil springs with 2-inch lift
• Shock absorbers, All Terrain (Terrafirma 2-inch lift)
• BF Goodrich 275/65 R18 All terrain KO2 tires (five new tires; now over 80% thread)
• Heavy duty Terrafirma drag link and steering rod (both track rods)
• Steering damper
• After-market fully greasable front drive shaft, and new flange rear drive shaft
• New engine mounts and transmission mounts
• Front diff guard
• New brake master cylinder
• New fuel pump
• New spark plug wires (eight)
• New serpentine belt
• New TD5 thermostat
• New purge control valve
• New throttle heater plate and hoses
• Full service with new transmission filter, clamps and plugs; new airfilter; new diff oils and plugs

• Back cargo door does not open or lock automatically and is fitted with two padlocks to keep it secure. Back drivers-side door opens manually, back passenger-side door does not open.
• We removed a lot of the plastic lining and the second airco unit in the way back to create more cargo space.

We bought this car in Kentucky USA in Oct 2017 (below the snow line in the USA) so there is no rust on the chassis or body.  This car has performed brilliant on and off road on our drive from USA to South America.  It is a huge advantage to have a vehicle that you don’t have to worry about the condition of the roads or the weather and can go wherever you want it to.  We’ve been travelling in this car since October 2017 with our 2 kids ages 12 and 8 and can easily fit gear for 4 in the car.

If you are interested let us know via [email protected]. USD 8,650 or Euro 7,000 or best offer.

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