FOR SALE Mazda B3000/Ford Ranger 4x4 truckcamper

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FOR SALE Mazda B3000/Ford Ranger 4x4 truckcamper

For Sale
Mazda B3000/Ford Ranger 4x4 truckcamper

Price: 8000 USD/6700 Euro or highest offer

Where: somewhere between Chiapas(Mexico) and Panama

When: within the next 1,5 month


The car:
It is 1996 Mazda B3000(4x4) with a 3L V6 (gas) engine with Oregon plates(clean title in hand for both the camper and the car). The car is manual and has a good working 4wd with high a low range. Apart from the headlights, the engine and all the other parts are exactly the same as a Ford ranger. She has approximately 180.000 miles on the clock and is running like a charm. We bought her in Oregon and before we started our trip we had 4 tires changed with all terrain tires, we have driven approx. 7000km, so they have lots of thread on them. The spare tire still had lots of thread when we bought the car and (luckily) we haven’t had to use it yet. Also before we left we had the car checked by a mechanic and changed the oil and filters, changed the differential oil and the differential cover gasket. We also reinforced the truckbed with a steal frame so that the camper sits very steady on the truck with 8 tie-downs. We put leaf helper springs on the back leaf springs, so that the back sits a bit higher. On the way we had a complete revision of the brakes and found out that the brake pads where almost new (approx. 4500km ago).  The previous owner changed the master cylinder, the slave cylinder and he put a new battery in the car.  We will do a change of the oil and filters before we sell it.


The camper:
The camper is a 1978 Perris Valley camper. Although she is a bit old we have putted a wooden floor inside and changed some other things on the inside. The previous owner set up a whole new electrical system which works very well. It has one permanent bed and a table with two little couches which can convert into a bed as well. The camper has a 3 burner stove, an ice box with a tube for the water to go out. Furthermore it has (almost new) deep cycle marine batteries that are charged when you drive. But as they are quite big we were able to use them without draining them for more than 1,5 week. The batteries are connected to a 2000 watts inverter. The camper has a little gas heater that makes it very warm in the camper and a fan that cools it down in the night, a fresh water tank that connects to a pump that pumps it into a sink. The camper comes with 4 electric jacks that make it very easy to take of/put on the camper (at the moment we have taken these jacks off). Also in the camper you will have a blender and an electric coffee maker, and everything you need in the kitchen, pots pans cups etc . We will sell our basic toolset as well with screwdrivers a wrench set a drill etc.


For more info do not hesitate to contact me:
[email protected]