FOR SALE: Mexican '82 VW Kombi pop-top camper model. Februari Buenos Aires

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FOR SALE: Mexican '82 VW Kombi pop-top camper model. Februari Buenos Aires


Hello everyone!
We are still enjoying the South American overland adventure in our VW Kombi but the trip is almost coming to its end. So with pain in our hearts we are looking for new travelers that want to explore the continent overland. 
Our van is a 1982 Mexican Volkswagen Kombi with pop-top. It is an original Bonanza camping model and you can raise the entire roof horizontally. This creates a double bed, with extra space for a small child in the front. The sofa has a sliding construction so you can create a double bed downstairs as well. This means it could sleep up to 4 adults and a small kid. The camping furniture and its fabrics are original. Furthermore you have loads of storage space, a folding table with extra storage space underneath, option for second battery for the indoor lights, external power plug, and a 2 pits gas stove and oven on a sliding construction so you can either cook inside or out.
The van has Mexican plates and we have the full legal ownership. When you decide to purchase our van you will become the new legal owner and you'll get all the official paperwork, no poder needed. We have a consultant in Mexico who can do all the paperwork for us as soon as we send him the necessary documents by airmail. An address is needed in Jalisco, Mexico. The process can take in between 1 or 2 weeks, depending on how fast the international post company is that we decide to use. We know how this works and that it’s safe since we purchased the car in the same way. For you this means you can cross every border with the right paperwork, and you can sell it in every country you like.

Camping equipment:

- A lovely VW Kombi
- Burglar Alarm
- 2 sets of keys
- Build in interior lights

- 4 pillows

- Optional Blankets

- 2 bedsheets
- 2 camping chairs
- Coolbox with cigarette plug
- Tank 20L for gasoline
- Tank 20L with manual pressure pomp for water
- Blue sail 5x5m
- Silver/green sail 2x2m with ropes for use as a sun/windscreen
- Yogamat
- 2 small brooms
- Green washing/storage bucket
- Cleaning spray
- Dishwashing gel
- 2 tea towels
- 2 cloths
- Front window silver sun screen
- Steering lock
- External power cable 15m
- Some rope
- Fan
- Camping light on batteries & solar

Cooking utilities:
- Oven & 2 pits gas stove inside, on a sliding construction
- Gas tank 6L
- Barbecue rack for on a fire
- very big wok
- normal size pan with lid
- normal size frying pan
- small size frying pan
- high sauce pan for cooking water
- strainer
- sieve
- funnel
- mini grater
- coaster for pan
- Tupperware 
- 2 metal mugs
- 2 single thermo mugs
- 5 bowls
- 5 plates
- Cutlery
- 4 big knives
- Soup spoon plastic
- Wooden spatula
- Plastic spatula
- Small citrus juicer

Spare parts:
- Clutch cable
- Acceleration cable
- 2 fuel filters
- Platina
- Condensador
- 8 push rod tubes + sealing kit
- Some spare lightbulbs

- Jack
- Wrench
- Shovel
- Axe
- 2 Warning triangles
- 2 reflecting safety vests
- 2 pair of working gloves
- Electricity converter for on the battery 12V to 110V
- Start cables
- Some screwdrivers
- Tongs
- Some wrenches
* Small coolbox fridge with cigaretted  plug
* 20L water tank with manual pressure pomp
* 20L tank for extra gasoline
* 6L gas tank for the stove and oven
* 1 spare tire on the front of the car
* Radio/cd/AUX player and boxes throughout the van
* Mosquito netting on all the rear windows

Ofcourse this is a classic van (1982) so that means it doesn't look brand new and perfect. As mentioned earlier the materials and paint are original so after 35 years the van has some rust, buts and dents and the material of the poptop is not in perfect condition. Inside the leather parts have some scratches and holes. It's not a showmodel, it's a work horse, but considering the age she still looks very well looked after. And most important; it's a very strong car and the chassis is in good condition. She has gotten us to the most amazing places, from 4500m altitude to busy cities and chilled beaches. Furthermore the motor is completely revised 3 months ago, we just refurbished the startmotor and we replaced the steering box for a better one. One week ago we also replaced the front shock absorbers, tie rod (ends), 2 pushrod tubes (complete engine was taken out for this and got fully checked and cleaned), speedocable and fuel filter.

When traveling in a Kombi you have to be adventurous, not in a rush and ready to get your hands dirty. We were total noobs when it came to mechanics but now we're able to solve most problems along the way. When that wasn't possible we met the most amazing people that offered their help and we can honestly say these have been our best experiences while traveling. The great thing about traveling in a Kombi is that you have your own little house on wheels which you just got to love. Even when its freezing cold outside or rainy, you have plenty space inside to chill.
We are looking to sell somewhere in the 2nd week of February, preferably in Buenos Aires or maybe Santiago. This way we are close to a big city which will speed up the paperwork process and there is enough to do around the area while waiting for the paperwork to get back. But, we are open to suggestions since we are not tied to a strict planning so let us know if you have an other idea. Right now we are on our way to Patagonia and afterwards we'll head north to BA.


Price is €7500,-
You can reach us best via email. If you have any questions or want more info just pop us a message! We are in Patagonia right now so don't always have reception but we will try to reply asap. 
[email protected] 

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