FOR SALE Motorhome - Dodge Winnebago in Chili

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FOR SALE Motorhome - Dodge Winnebago in Chili

It is with great regret and alot of sadness that me and my wife Jessica are puting our MinniWinnie up for sale. After 8 month of pure pleasure traveling with our 2 dogs from Colombia to Chili, we are now at the end of the roadtrip. Our MinniWinnie is a great vehicule for everyone that is planning such a trip! It was our home and our shuttle as we discovered amasing countries and cultures, giving us the opportunity to go in area more remote and wilder where no turistic infrastructure are in place. 

Available NOW

Dodge Winnebago 1978, Canadian license plate (Québec)

-V8 engine, gazoline
-24 feet long (about 8 meter), 11 feet hight (about 3.5m)
-1 double bed, 1 sofa that can convert to an other double bed for visiters or to watch a movie, 1 kitchen table that fits 4 that also convert to a bed.
-Double sink
-4 stoves with oven (gaz)!
-Refrigerator with freezer that works on gaz
-Toilette and shower (Hot water!!!)
Comes fully equipped : All kitchen utilities, cleaning utilities, tools for minor repairs, outdoor table and chairs and much more.

It's a old truck but work great! The motor has been restored by the old owner and have about only 80 000km. Front brake caliper change in the USA at the beginning of our trip. Regular maintenance (oil change with filter every 5000km, air filter is new, brake pad changed and still good, direction alignement in march 2017, ball joint changed march 2017). New front shock absorber (8 Mai 2017). The inside look alot younger. Have about a week of autonomy with electricity and water for 2 persons. Have 2 batteries (one for the motor and an other one for the lights and water pomp) all new before the trip, both recharge when driving (no solar panel). Radio changed to fit USB,AUX and bluetooth (no CD). And alot more....
We are asking 15 000$US for it. Available now, in Santiago, Chili.
It is big but very confortable and make you feel at home! I recommend this vehicule because having a complet stove with oven, a toilette and a shower with hot water is such a blessing when travelling for a long time. The size never was a problem even in big or small cities. We had no problem crossing all south america and so wont you! 
Feel free to contact us for any additional info! (photos)

[email protected]

Luc and Jessica!!!