For sale motorhome Fiat 100000km in Ecuador (or on Colombia or on Perou)In March/April 2020

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For sale motorhome Fiat 100000km in Ecuador (or on Colombia or on Perou)In March/April 2020


The end of our 6-month trip to South America is looming, so we put our Camping car on sale. This is a very reliable model with a very good quality cell. With its small size, its low back scythe and its good ground clearance, we went wherever we wanted it. Unlike many travellers we did not experience any mechanical problems.

Choosing a campsite because it's the freedom to sleep where you want, no need to look for a campsite every day, it's more comfort (cook always in the shelter, go to the toilet and shower when you want...)

It is a camper van with 4 places, a chassis runs 5m in length.
The Hymer Swing Cell is based on Fiat Ducato 1.9Turbo Diesel 6CV with 96000km (certified no tricks) currently on the clock. We expect to do about 5,000 more.

We climbed up to 4600m above sea level to reach Lake Titikaka without any problems.

It's a very reliable engine without electronics, so maintenance is easy, which is an advantage in South America

It will be for sale in Ecuador or in the north of Pérou or in the north of Colombia from about March/April 2020.

The administrative procedures for the sale are easy in Ecuador between travelers and we have a contact on site to help us not far from Quito. We can also store our vehicle at our contact's house while waiting for your arrival.

We brought it to South America.
It is ideal for 2 to 4 people and easy grip for beginners.
Purchased and revised in France.
Technical control ok passed in June 2019. (Immatriculation plate is French)
It consumes about 10L per 100km, all depends on the relief.

Cabin side:
Before leaving (end of September 2019) we made a big revision at our garage with:
- Change of all filters (air, oil, and fuel)
- Repair of the rear optical blocks and connections.
- Replacement of the tank (it was split).
- Replacement of the front left bearing
- Replacement of the 4 dampers (+ kit cup and suspension stopper at the front).
- Replacement of ice wipes.

- The front tires are news.

- Battery changed in April 2019

The rear tires are in very good condition. The brake pads will be changed for sale.

Change of all filters (oil, and fuel) at 96000km
The timing belt was made at 80000km (to be repeated at 130000km)

Cell side:
The cabin is in excellent condition.
- SOG installation (no need for chemicals) on the WC box by a professional.
- installation of thermal insulation curtain and blackout between the cell and the cabin.
- buy a part insulating sun
- replacement of the top grille of the fridge
- replacement of a fridge fan
- replacement of the battery of the cell by a battery of slow discharge of 100Ah.
- replacement of the gas pipe.

- Anti-intrusion alarm

- plug on 220V possible

- 2 seatbelt 3 points on the back

- a large bed 210 * 140cm in the nasturtium with safety net.
- a 190 * 125cm dinette bed with pillow top mattress
- 3 gas burners
- 2 13kg gas bottles can be stored.
- Trimix fridge
- Water tank 95L
- Shower and WC
- Gas heating
- 10L gas water heater.
- Automatic or manual ventilation.
- Blackout blind and mosquito net on all windows.
- 4 shelves for clothes.
- plenty of storage space

We can leave at your disposal a tarp, a picnic table with 4 stools, DIY equipment (seal, Velcro, releasing, reinforced tape ...) carpet, 30m electric extension, water pipe more 30m, robbery plug for water, pillow, duvet, american shovel,traction strap...

photos here :


Choosing our vehicle is the assurance of travelling with peace of mind.

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