FOR SALE NOW in Chile: KIA SPORTAGE 4x4, travelready, Chilean plates

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FOR SALE NOW in Chile: KIA SPORTAGE 4x4, travelready, Chilean plates

We are selling our KIA Sportage which is stationed in Valparaiso now and ready to start a new adventure with!

The motor is a 2.0 running on gasoline, has seen 221.000 km so far and of course the car has 4WD (4H and 4L) to take you where ever you need to go and back out again.

It has a bed inside with linen, pillows and a duvet, storage underneath with various boxes, tanks etc, "curtains" for some privacy night, cooking equipment and a gas cooker and bottle, a nice sound system which works with usb-stick...

Note that the bed cannot be folded back, for shorter journeys you can seat two people more in the back, but for long-distance travel it is for two people only. The row of back seats however is still available and can be picked up at a friends place in Osorno.

Recent Technical History:

At 218.000 km we did a complete revision, replaced the silencer of the exhaust, replaced all the shocks absorbers and the front breaking pads, changed the oil and filters and did the alignment.

Spark plugs have been replaced and the injectors cleaned at 212.000 and the timing belt has been replaced at around 207.000 km. 

Many Chileans told us that the Kia Sportage is a popular and reliable car in Chile, and getting spare parts is quick and cheap.

Small problems:

Electric windows of the back seats need some help upwards.

Fuel indicator is not working reliably, so best reset the km's when filling up ;)


The car is registered in Chile, which makes the process of buying and selling a lot easier and reliable than with foreign plates. You only need a RUT (chilean tax number), but this is no problem, we can help with that.

Revision technica is valid until July 2017, permiso de circulacion (taxes paid) and seguro obligatorio (insurance for chile) are valid until 31/3/2018. International insurance can be purchased online from various companies if needed.


Selling Price: 5500 € / 5900 USD / 3.9 Mio CLP 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via mail or whatsapp!

[email protected]

Whatsapp: +491702764675

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