FOR SALE NOW - Mitsubishi Montero Sport, year 2009, manual gear shift, perfect condition, Santiago

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FOR SALE NOW - Mitsubishi Montero Sport, year 2009, manual gear shift, perfect condition, Santiago

Dear All,

We are a Czech couple who have been travelling last 8 months around South America. We are selling our car now in Santiago. We are the owners of the car, have actual ownership documents, and all other documents.

We sell:

Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS (Pajero Sport), Ano 2009, 4x4, ~214.000 km, Engine Code 6G72, 3.0 V6, 125 kW, gasoline, manual shift, 2H, 4H, 4L plus Rear differential lock, tinted windows with Chile license plate, liberado (can cross to and drive in all countries), air conditioning, power windows etc..

Fuel efficiency:

- highway (90km/h average), 10 - 11 litres/100km, most of the time we drove around 10.5 litres/100km (example Santiago - Puerto Montt)

- paved road (60 - 70km/h average), 9 - 10 litres/100km, most of the time we drove slightly below 10. We could push the consumption few times below 9 litres/100km (La Paz - Oruro - Potosí, or Puerto Natales - Punta Arenas), but that is not expectable always.

- long dirt and terrain road streches (50 - 60km average), for example Susques - Tolar Grande - Volcan Llullaillaco base camp - Mina Julia - Antofalla, expect 12.5 litres/100km, with everyday short parts driven by 4H and 4L.


I took the car to GoodYear Santiago garage everytime I pass by Santiago, that means at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the trip. The car has the best oil I could get in Chile (differentials - Mobil HD 80/90, transfer case Mobil HD 75/85, transmission case Mobil HD 80/90, engine Mobil 05/40), the oil in engine was changed twice in a distance of 2000km to clean the engine deeply. Then after every around 8000km. At the moment the engine oil is new.

The car has a new batery - few thousand kilometres old. Also front wheels homokinetic connections are new. Of course oil changes, new air filters, brake and steering fluid, etc.New brake pads on all 4 brakes.

Tires - Hankook Dynapro A1M, 265/70/R16.

Inside is a big comfortable bed 2.15 x 1.35 m, with mattress and storage room underneath. The car is great for two people, but can seat up to five. The construction can be folded, so you can still use the rear seats.

The car comes with:

Hidden kill switch - original by Santiago supplier, working 100%.

Bullock to lock the pedals - brought from Europe.

Fake online camera.

A solid cage roof rack, 3 x 20 litres gasoline metal jerry cans, one 10 liter gasoline canister, full size spare tire, 1 x 20 l water canister, chair, table, spark cables, air compressor, tire jack, fire extinguisher, 2 warning triangles, lots of useful repairing tools, 2 food boxes for underneath the bed, two telescopic bars to install a rain cover, camping stuff like dishes, cutlery, pan, pot, bedding, etc.


Permisio de circulation - valid until 31.3.2018

Seguro obligatorio - valid until 31.3.2018

Revision technica - valid until 31.7.2018

To be mentioned:

ABS sometimes disconnects when you shift to 4H or 4L (the light on the front desk starts to light). It has never ever caused any problem to us, but just to let you know. 

The car was for 100 000km driven by its first owner in Punta Arenas (hiw own family car, having paralelly a company car), and then for another 100 000km by two overlanders, so I believe that the maintenance was perfect in comparision what you can get from local market, especially if you buy any car that would have been driven only in Santiago city.

The car is well maintained and fit for traveling for 7.000 Euro.

In Santiago now.

Our preferred payment is directly to our account and in Euro. But other ways are also fine, PayPal, cash, etc.

If you are interested we are glad to send you some additional pictures and more detailed info.


[email protected], whatsapp +420 728 77 66 98.


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