For Sale now: Toyota Rav4 2001 in Chile

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For Sale now: Toyota Rav4 2001 in Chile

For Sale: Toyota Rav4 Advantage
After driving it through South America we are selling our car/Camper in mid/end May in Chile (San Pedro or Santiago) . We are in San Pedro at the moment and will be driving to Santiago. It's registered in Chile, all papers are valid untill March'17 and Revision Technica until Sep'16.  
We build a simple bed construction which can easily be set up to unfold a 130x180cm plattform. On top fits the 137x190cm air matrass perfectly.   

The Car:
Toyota Rav4 Advantage
Year: 2001
Millage: 210000
Takes about 8L/100km gas
Engine: 2L
Automatic Transmission with permanent 4x4 
Polarized windows

It's in good condition with the services done frequently (last one done in April16).
Feb16: brake pads (rear and front) replaced , steering rods replaced
April16:  baterrie replaced, rear shockabsorbers replaced
The car comes with:
- 1 pit metal stove with 2 L gasbottle
- cups, bowls, cutlery, cuttingboard                                          
- pot, pans                                                                            
- Mokka-Coffeemachine
- 2 camping chairs 
- 2 big boxes for storage
- Pump for airmatrass

- Rooftop bars
- spare tire
- 20L spare gas tank, 20L watertank
- fire distinguisher, safety triangles

-Aircompressor + tire repair set


Price: 6.000$

Contact: [email protected]

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