FOR SALE: Overland Ready, Reliable, 1995 VW Campervan $6000 USD Santiago

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#1 Thu, 06/13/2013 - 11:04

FOR SALE: Overland Ready, Reliable, 1995 VW Campervan $6000 USD Santiago

For Sale: A Beautiful VW Brasilian White Campervan/Kombi 1995 - Petrol/Nafta

$6.000 / €4.500 / CLP 3.000.000

Buy this beauty, it has been a reliable and fun travel vehicle for us, a German couple for 4 months. We bought this van from a british couple who travelled around Paraguay, Urguary, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Unfortunatly we didnt have that much time as we were working in Santiago and many used it for short trips to the coast, to the montains and some vineries. We are selling as we will head back to Europe soon and can not afford to ship it back home. It has been a great vehicle to tour around in, sleep and cook in day and night. We would love this to go to a good home! All of the interior customisation has been carried out by the previous owners in October 2012 and so is in a very good condition. Pretty much everything under the bonnet is new too.

It's Features:

  • A New Engine, rebuilt in October 2012 (New Brazillian parts) and again disassemble and newly built up due to a oil leak in June 2013
  • New gear shift built in in March 2013
  • New cluth built in in June 2013
  • All electrcity and cables checked in April 2013
  • 4 New Tyres purchased in October 2012 (Toyo - Korean) with 1 new spare (never used)
  • New front and back brakes, fitted in October 2012
  • Petrol tank cleaned and refitted in December 2012
  • Carburetor cleaned in March 2013
  • Oil change in June 2013
  • Double Bed with comfortable mattress, complete with sheets (turns to sofa)
  • Table with cupboard storage space - 3 shelves
  • Curtains for all windows in the back cabin for ultimate privacy and protection from sun
  • Large Storage Space under bed for bags 
  • Seating area for passengers in the back cabin - room for 4 people 
  • Comfortable leather seats in front cabin. Room for 2 passengers next to the drivers seat
  • Cassette player with speakers in the front cabin 
  • 3 lights in front and back section of the vehicle for use throughout the night
  • Functional horn
  • 2 spare fueltanks
  • Fire extinguisher

All interior features

We have all of the necessary Paraguayian Paperwork including the green card/cedula verde which is a legal document required for ownership. Being Paraguayan it is very easy to cross borders in it, just show the green card and they wave you through. But, we never crossed the border, so this information is what we got from the previous owner.

We have a range of spare parts and tools also included in the price.

You can find photos of Casper the campervan here:
Please send enquiries to: lupaa (AT) gmx (DOT) de

We will accept Chilean Pesos (CLP) US Dollars (USD) or Euro or a bank transfer to our german or chilean bank account. 

We look forward to hearing from you. Please ask any questions you have!

Fri, 06/14/2013 - 06:41

VW for sale

Hi Lukas,

We are interested in the vehicle but are not willing to purchase sight unseen. Are you still going to be in Santiago in September?

A & C

Sun, 09/15/2013 - 07:00 (Reply to #2)


We are now in Santiago and are interested in taking a closer look at the vehicle if it is still for sale.
A & C

Wed, 08/21/2013 - 19:59

Serious inquiry

Is this vehicle still available? We are interested, and would love to hear about the asking price, etc. 

Fri, 11/22/2013 - 15:16

vw van

Hey! Is the van still for sale? This might be perfect for our trip.. Thank you in advance... greetings from Patrick