For Sale Peru - Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (1995) - 3.0 turbo diesel

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For Sale Peru - Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (1995) - 3.0 turbo diesel

In 3 months we'll close the loop on our South American travel. Sadly for us (but luckily for you) we'll place on sale our Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (1995) a.k.a “Hella Hella” in the city of Lima, Peru.

Why Peru you may ask while others overlanders talk more about Chile or Colombia? The answer is quite simple; we have friends there. But after having chatted with travelers from Chile or Ecuador it turned out that the acquisition procedure is really easy in Peru (check this link and as foreigners (we’re French) we experienced no specific issue exporting the car out of the country for a period of 12 months (we paid 150 $US for a temporary export permit through a custom office).

We bought our 4x4 mid July 2016 in Lima. The car is matriculated in Peru. For those who visited Peru, you’ll know that the country is not rewarded for its great maintenance towards cars. Here we’ve got one exception. The car was owned by the Swiss embassy and had its dedicated mechanic. Price was not an issue and the car was given great care. The previous owner handed over the maintenance notebook and we are in really good terms with the mechanic. It’s a real plus to be able to contact him now and then when we need advice. It’s like his little baby and naturally he’ll keep on helping with the future owners.

As we drive long distances the car needs regular maintenance, like changing oil and oil filters + diesel filters every 5000kms. Toyota is widespread in South America and spare parts are easily available. Apart from that we had no troubles and we just mounted 4 new tires (Cooper Discoverer Maxx 16in). We kept the bills, references of spare parts and garage locations where we found trusted people in each country. It’ll be a lot easier for the next owners to estimate the “right” price with that information.

In terms of fuel efficiency Hella Hella sips around 12.5L/100kms (~18.8mpg) on the highway. You have to account for a 15% increase while offroading on 4x4 mode at 5000m high. It may be worth stressing out that the car runs with diesel, which is 20% to 50% cheaper than gasoline in the countries we visited. Not negligible when you are driving thousands of kilometers.

The car will be ready in Lima by end of January 2017. At that time the mileage should tick 200 000kms. We visited Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. The obligatory SOAT insurance we own covers all those countries (plus Paraguay) up to March 2017 and can easily be extended via Internet.

Originally the car had 7 seats spread in 3 rows. We removed the last 2 seats (and stored them in Lima at the mechanic place) to accommodate a homemade camper furniture. In the present configuration we can store our clothes, food & water, camping & rock climbing gears, and car emergency kit within the camper furniture leaving the second-row passengers seats empty. We accommodated up to 5 people (with their luggage) in the car without the necessary use of roof bars.

Hella Hella will come with:

- its maintenance folder
- USB/Bluetooth auto radio
- 1 sunroof
- 1 spare wheel
- 1 steel Jerrycans (20L or 4gal)
- 1 camper furniture
- car emergency kit (warning triangle, jumper cables, tow rope, fire extinguisher, hydraulic jack, wrenches, ...)
- 1 steering wheel lock
- 1 complete set of snow chains
- 1 foldable table + 2 foldable chairs
- 1 cooking stove (2 fires) + kitchenware
- 2 extra car seats

Don’t hesitate to contact me by private message for further details. We’ll be glad to transfer Hella Hella to other overlander! We’ll let go our baby for 15,000 $US.

No need to say that Hella Hella will safely take you along all types of roads but in case you doubt check the pictures below.

Tambien hablamos español !

Image icon Front view883.89 KB
Image icon Rear view966.88 KB
Image icon Side view 1963.03 KB
Image icon Side view 2853.13 KB
Image icon Camper furniture905.02 KB
Image icon Camper furniture close up939.69 KB
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Sun, 12/25/2016 - 16:18

Is Hella Hella still for sale?


If so, please tell me if it is standard or automatic transmission.  Has there been any modification on the suspension?  We would also like to see a picture from under the hood, if that is possible.  Nice pictures and thank you very much.  Virginia and Danilo.