For Sale, Santiago Chile - early December: Toyota 4Runner 2006 SR5 4L V6 Automatic - 2WD

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For Sale, Santiago Chile - early December: Toyota 4Runner 2006 SR5 4L V6 Automatic - 2WD

For Sale in Santiago - early December 2019

Toyota 4Runner 2006 SR5 4L V6 Automatic - 2WD

$ 7500 USD

Mileage: 185,000kms (estimating 188,000kms at time of sale)

- Technical permission until Sept 2020
- Insurance March 2020
- Permission Circular March 2020

-Technical inspection in September at 178K kms highlighted only wheel alignment and brake service which we had completed.
- Oil change and fluids topped-up - 183K kms
- Tyres still in very good condition

- Benzine: 10L/100kms on highways - 12L/100kms on rural roads
- Central locking
- Airbags
- Electric windows
- Cruise Control
- Air Conditioning
- DVD Player and roof-mounted screen (not sure if this works, too busy enjoying the views!)
- Sony stereo with USB & Aux inputs
- Rear parking sensors
- Roof tent with mattress and cover
- Bed frame and mattress inside with two large wooden drawers and other space under the bed for storage
- Bed can be folded away so that back seats can be used for passengers
- Two pillows and pillow cases & sheets
- Gas Stove, large pot, chopping board and knife
- Table and two camp seats
- Window covers
- Spare fuel can - 20L
- Ratchet straps
- Spare tyre
- Jack & hi-viz vests
- Compressor for tyres

Known Issues
- Rear wiper and rear window heater temperamental and don't always work
- One of the back seat belts is broken (back left)
- There are a few small scratches and dents in the bodywork but nothing you wouldn't expect for a car of this age

It's been a great car for our trip to Patagonia and back and it's ready to go on it's next adventure. Recommend the services of Suzi Santiago for the transfer to keep it fast, cheap and simple!


Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +447754727273

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