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Heyy everyone!

I am a French traveller, came 1 year in Argentina, I bought this Suzuki Grand Nomade 2004 in December 2017 to discover South America for 3 months of summer vacation and to be able to enjoy the weekends in the city where I am, La Plata, Argentina.

It's a Suzuki 4x4, very reliable and economic, the mode is engaged with a switch and there is the choice between 4x4 Long or short speed (for difficult places and which requires precision) and 4x2 which reduces fuel consumption.

The car will be available from late June until early August 2018 in Santiago, Chile.
Or right now in Buenos Aires.

The price is:
4900 € all-inclusive or 5700 USD or 3.6 million CLP

I am open to negotiation.

Technical information of the car:
* Suzuki Grand Nomade (or Grand Vitara) of 2004
* Chilean registration
* Approximately 185,000 km at the time of sale. I did 15,000 km for the moment.
* Engine GASOLINE jlx 2.0 140 hp
* The consumption: minimum 7L in Bolivia and generally 9 - 10 L / 100km
* 2wd / 4wd (4H / 4HLC)
* Automatic gear box
* Air conditioning and heating
* radio with USB, jack, SD and Bluetooth
* The rear windows were tinted for extra security, but this was done in the middle of trip, so on some photos they are not tinted

The accessories:
* Coolbox (which serves as storage for the kitchen)
* Wooden table foldable
* 2 seats foldable super comfort
* 1 large gas plate
* Gas bottle that is possible to found in all supermarkets and DIY
* Cooking tools
* 1 large saucepan, frying pan and 2 other dishes
* 2 large plates, 2 bowls, plastic glasses, many forks and knifes
* 2 tanks of gasoline of 20 and 10 liters
* 3 sleeping bags + 2 pillows
* 1 blankets for 2 people
* Toolbox with basic accessories
* An additional 3-person tent
* A drone, low quality, but can be useful
* Chains for the snow
* And other things...

Vehicle maintenance:
* The oil was changed after 4000 km (when I returned to France for Christmas) and after 10,000 km. At the time of sale, the oil will have 3000 km maximum. I have all the bills.
* The gearbox oil has been changed to 175,000 km
* An axis of the direction that had play was changed. It was the only problem at the time of the purchase
* "Homocinetics" of the front right wheel has been changed. This is a part of the transmission.
* The alternator has been refurbished by professionals in Buenos Aires.
* The starter coals were worn, the car was struggling to start, so they were changed.
* The brake pads have been changed by the previous owner.
* I will change the coolant and do a check of all the liquids before the sale
* The technical control and anti-pollution coming to term in July, will be realized before the sale.
* The rear tires will have approximately 8.000 km at the time of the sale
* Front tires : looks like new

The roof-tent :
In very good estate and with some space inside. Can be open in 2 minutes and closed in less than 10 mins. It’s possible to let the sleeping bags, blankets and pillows inside when you close the tent.

In the car, all the camping stuff enter without exceeding the height of the seats, which allows to put two more backpacks.

You can travel at 4 people in the car.

The car will be available at the end of June in Santiago in Chile or now in Buenos Aires.

For the acquisition of the vehicle I will be able to help you for all the steps without any problem. I have Chilean friends in Santiago, they will be able to help us in the forms.
For border crossing, I printed and plasticized the articles of law and was granted 6 months in Argentina with the vehicle.

Everything is in order, the “permiso de circulación” is valid until March 2019 and international insurance until August 2018.

Suzi is ready for new adventures !!!

The price is:
4900 € all-inclusive or 5700 USD or 3.6 million CLP

I am open to negotiation.

The pictures of Suzi are on Google Photos

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information!

I hope to see you soon !

WhattsApp :
+33 6 35 39 83 37


Wed, 06/06/2018 - 17:29

Still availible !! Ask for

Still availible !! Ask for more infomation or pictures !!