FOR SALE: Suzuki Grand Nomade XL7 4wd V6 2.7l. Bed inside! Ready to Overland (in Santiago, Chile)

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FOR SALE: Suzuki Grand Nomade XL7 4wd V6 2.7l. Bed inside! Ready to Overland (in Santiago, Chile)

Suzuki Grand Nomade XL7 2.7 4WD

Sunset in Cochamó, Patagonia

Car specifications:

- Suzuki Grand Nomade XL7 2.7

- Year 2002, build in Japan

- 4x4

- Automatic

- 172,000 Kilometers (106,000 miles)

- Car is in perfect condition, except for minimum scuff marks and a small bump on the rear end! Ready to start driving right now to the Northern desert and highlands of Chile and later to Bolivia and Perú or set course for the raging wilderness and pristine landscapes of the Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia.

- All paperwork is done and updated to June 2020 (In Chile, strict examination of the car conditions and gas emissions is done every year and is obligatory by law).

- New car battery (year guarantee).

- Brakes working great. Brake pads with 5,000 km more to go before changing.

- Changed Oil less than 200 km ago. No leaks.

- Tires in nearly new conditions.

- Big Jetbag (Thule bag) above the car to keep all the camping gear and more.

 Inside of the car you can find:

- Radio with Bluetooth and auxiliary cable and great sound system.

- Compartment under the bed so you can easily access kitchenware.

- I designed the inside so it was easy and simple. Whether you want to have the bed set or lift up the car seats for other passengers, it's easy and fast.

- Car comes with: mattress and new sheets, 2 pillows, 2ring-cooking stove, 3-4 person tent, kitchenware and electric inversor to charge your electronics.

Patagonian life

PRICE: USD$5600, €5100

For your commodity! You can buy the car transferring money either to my Chilean bank account or my international Transferwise account (easier and less taxes for international transfers). Also I WILL help you out with the car's transfer paperwork.

If you buy this car you will have everything you need to start your roadtrip the same day. But I would recommend to get a tarp (I got rid of my old one because it was leaking when it rained) and blankets (or sleeping bags). That’s it! you’re ready to go!

I would also recommend getting some trekking gear, so you can enjoy some of the off the beaten path landscapes Chile has to offer.

I have attached a .PDF file from that compiles ALL of the car’s history (previous owners, license renewals, etc). You can Double check this information in the website by paying $5.000pesos (aprox USD$9 or €8).

I’d recommend you to have a look too at my Couchsurfing profile, so you can see I’m legit and would never try to take advantage over a fellow human being, especially if he/she is a traveler.

Playing guitar on a rainy day


I’m selling Angelito Nomad, my faithful companion through the Patagonian Landscape. Only reason to do so is because I’m leaving the continent to search for new adventures. I decided for the Suzuki Nomade because its a durable car, built in Japan (less gas milage than American cars); with a strong chassis and spacious inside. Originally i wanted a Van, but as you probably know by now, decent vans with 4wd are way to expensive. I also went for a 4WD since AWD was not enough for Patagonia (roads are decent, but anyone who has driven to Patagonia knows that some of the best experiences is driving every day into one of the million deserted beaches and setting your camp spot in front of where the dolphins go swim each morning. That also happens to be the place where the seafood hangsout (You want to catch those for lunchtime). If you want to overland South America freely, AWD or 2WD won’t cut it.

Besides the 4x4, the Nomad gave me great comfortability and the chance to sit on the bed and play the guitar comfortably on rainy days. I also had room for clothes and other items inside the car and the capability of crossing every Patagonian terrain.

The bed is not very big. Enough for two small people to sleep in it. For bigger people there’s the option of changing the mattress for a wider one, there’s space for that (mattress is 195cm long, 100cm wide. There is room for an extra 15cm wider mattress).

The Trunk’s door opens horizontally (instead of vertically). This gave me the chance to set a kitchen table on the door (included with the car), so you can cook fast and comfortability whenever you wish (gas stove also included with the car). You can also use the horizontal trunk’s door to set a tarp on top for the rain or the strong sun.


AUTOFACT review:

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Instagram: @gab_aldea

Bed set, pile half of mattress on top of the other and you can lift the sits in a sec

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