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We are 4 french travelers exploring south america during 6 months. We are close to the end and we sell our Toyota 4 Runner with its roof tent and some stuff. The 4 Runner was amazing and brought us everywhere in Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. It was a real pleasure to sleep in our roof tent and its annexe. The car will be available in february in Santiago in Chile.

---UPDATE 06/02/17---

The car will be available in Santiago from the 15th february.


For a quick presentation we have this video here :

The price is :

  • 8500 USD for the car
  • 1500 USD for the roof tent and the two annexes
  • 500 USD for the stuff

Feel free to contact us in order to have more information. Damien, Julie, Florian and Rémi

Car :

  • Toyota 4Runner 2004, 235 000 kms
  • 2wd / 4wd (4H / 4HLC)
  • 5 gear automatic
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic AC
  • New radio with USB, SD and Bluetooth
  • Gasoline
  • The windows have been opacified

Stuff :

  • Refrigerator connected to DC
  • Plastic picnic table
  • 4 picnic chairs
  • 2-plate gas kitchen (awesome)
  • Gas canister
  • Misc kitchen utensils (wooden spoon, spatula, etc)
  • Plastic set of plates, bowls, cups, glasses... (for 4 people)
  • Two heavy duty plastic boxes really usefull to store our stuff
  • Two plastics boxes to store our food
  • 15 lt jerrycan (special one that is flat and fits between roof and tent)
  • CGI Pots (2 pots, 1 pan set)
  • Mattress for 2 people. Pillows and blankets for 4 people.
  • Tool box with basic tools
  • 2 Outdoor showers, one big with a pump and the other is smaller.

Maintenance during our trip:

  • We have done oil changes methodically at 10.000kms and changed the oil filter.
  • We have new brake pads on each wheel.
  • New spark plugs.
  • We have changed brake fluid and check all fluids.
  • We have planned to change 2 tires and our windscreen.

Roof tent:

  • 2 of us sleep inside and it is a real pleasure, really comfortable. We have lot of space and it was amazing some morning to open the windows and enjoy the view.
  • The roof tent floor holds weight up to 300kg. 2-3 persons.  About 50-60% of the weight of them distributed over the bars (the rest of the weight lays out over the ladder).
  • 2-3 minutes to deploy it.
  • 145x240 for sleeping .145x320x130 opened. 145x120x28 closed
  • Little light is inside.
  • Can leave sleeping bags, pillows, etc inside the tent while your are traveling.
  • Waterproof 2000mm, it was perfect during a big thunder.

Annexe for the roof tent for sleeping or cooking:

  • 2 of us sleep inside and use mattress. We use this space to store our bags during the night. Some cold night it was nice to eat inside this annexe. And we use it to change our clothes for more privacy.
  • 5-10 minutes for the set up.
  • 210x228x220cm
  • Includes a heavy duty PVC detachable floor
  • Windows with mosquito net

Extension for eating and be protected of the sun or rain:

  • We use it to eat during the day and be protect from the sun. It was essential for exemple in the Uyuni Salar.
  • 2-3 minutes to deploy it.
  • The model is the "double awning", which is a 2x2mt primary awning plus an 2x1,95mt detachable extension.
  • The whole awning travels wtihin a HD PVC bag, including the main poles. Stakes, ropes and extra poles for the extension are included

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 16:47

Hi guys, 

Hi guys, 

We'd be interested in taking the lot - if you could give me your email address or contact info so I can get in touch that would be awesome! 


Haylee & Mitch

Sat, 01/21/2017 - 11:25

Still available ?


We are in Pucon at the moment and are looking for a vehicle like yours, is it still available ? Is it in Santiago at the moment ?


Sun, 01/22/2017 - 16:55 (Reply to #3)

Toyota 4 Runner with roof tent in February in Chile.

Hi Claudine,

Yes the car is still available. Currenty we are in Ushuaia and after we will take the road in order to go back to Santiago.

You can contact me by mail if you are interested.