FOR SALE: Toyota 4Runner with bed in South America

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FOR SALE: Toyota 4Runner with bed in South America

Hi future Toyota lovers,


In January 2014 we, a Dutch couple, bought a golden (yes GOLDEN) Toyota 4runner with only 98.495 miles on it in California and built in a bed. We have been driving our road warrior ever since without a single hick up, warning light or otherwise unintended stop and plan to do so until the beginning of september when we would like to sell it to you. The car is in such great condition that we thought about shipping it to Asia and then driving it back home to Holland to use it as our 'normal' car. Great plan untill we got out our calculator (also included) and compared the outcome to our bank account. However, the car would have definitly made it!

We are flexible in which country you want to take delivery as long as it is Argentina, Paraguay, Urugauy or the south of Brazil.

The car comes with everything you need to camp with two people as this is what we have been doing all the way down. 

The car:

- Toyota 4runner SR5 with built in bed
- Model 1994
- California plates
- Mileage 1 gallon 20 miles
- 3 liter V6 (gasoline)
- 5 gear automatic
- Current mileage 113 467 (expect another 7000 miles)
- 5 BFGoodrich Radial LongTrail T/A, easily good enough to drive back to the US (if that's the plan)

Now, we have been tentcamping all the way untill Bolivia when it got to cold so we built in a bed for 2 persons.

The contents of the car:

- Wooden bedframe and matress for 2 persons
- Two flame gas cooker with standard US gasbottle (refilable anywhere)
- All manner of pots, pans, cuttelery, dishes, bowls, wineopeners, graters, cuttingboards etc etc etc and then some because we love to cook
- 5 gallon gastank
- Toolbox, fire extinguisher, flashlights, jumpercables, sparelights, this list can go on forever as you collect a lot of knick-knacks, stuff, handy items
- Two (zip into 1) thermal sleepingbag
Blankets and bed linnen (alltogether easily comfortable at -8 C)
The price for a vehicle that will take you anywhere without complaining: 4500 US or equivalant in EUR.

For more pictures/car action video's become friends with 'Maybelle Americas' on facebook. Or contact us by email: [email protected]

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