SALE Toyota HiAce 2.4 Campervan 1999 in Santiago from June (with extra high roof!)

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SALE Toyota HiAce 2.4 Campervan 1999 in Santiago from June (with extra high roof!)

We call him Lance, since he used to be an ambulance in Santiago some years ago. Lance is our friend and home who took us all the way from Santiago to Ushuaia, up north to the border of Bolivia and back to Santiago.

Lance can become your home, as we are going back for Holland medio June. He is the perfect travel companion; he has plenty power to take you over high and steep roads of the Andes, which we did many times. He keeps you warm and dry in Patagonia and grants you access to the most beautiful overnight spots.

With the high roof, you have a complete home, where you can stand up while cooking or doing the dishes. While standing in the kitchen, there’s still room to have around the big table for 4-6 people to drink a beer or play a game. When you get tired, the table converts quickly into a queen size bed (155 cm wide and 185cm long, with the possibility of toes sticking out to the front if you are a tall guy). Under the bed are six storage boxes. One compartment can be locked. It is a simple lock but just to be on the safe side. There is tons of storage!

The 155 Watts solar panel, installed in 2018 by the previous owners, and a 100Ah battery keep the new electrical cooler (Coleman) and indoor lights running for 1-2 days without any driving. While driving, the 100Ah battery charges, so you have electricity on cloudy days as well as sunny.

We are selling Lance from beginning of June to the 13th of June, since we fly out on the 14th. We fly back from Santiago and would like to sell in that area.

Some more technical details: Lance is a 1999 Toyota HiAce with a 2.4 liter gasoline engine (2rz-e). He now has done 309.000 km and we expect to drive about 3000 km more. He drives really well and we have not had any major problems on our tour. Lance does about 9km/Liter, and with a tank of 65 liters, this gives you a range of 585 km. He comes with a jerry can for additional fuel, but we only used this twice in Patagonia. The engine is amazing and doesn’t use any oil at all. The last oil changes were made in March, at 300,000 km.  Since he was an ambulance for most of his life, he has always had perfect maintenance. The two owners before were mechanics as well. A list of the recent repairs:
- at 265000 km Lance got new break discs and pads
- at 277000 km Lance got 4 new tires (the spare wheel is in good condition, and there has been not a single flat tire since)
- at 278,000 km Lance got new gear oil and new differential oil (this needs to be changed only every 50,000 km).
- The locks were renovated by the previous owners, including new keys, which work well.
- The handle on the back door is repaired
- at 300,000 km Lance got a big check which resulted in a couple repairs & new parts:
- New air, gasoline & oil filters
- New temperature sensor
- New sparkplugs and cables
- New distributor cover
- Repair the suspension & replacement of some necessary involved parts
- Alignment of the wheels
- Oil change

We will make sure that all the paperwork is in order when we hand our van over to you. Your name will be on the title, insurance and declaration “Jurada” (to cross the border Chili-Argentina). We are Dutch and we have never had any problems crossing the border (and we crossed it 8 times), and neither had the previous owners who were Danish. The revision technical is valid until October 2019, the mandatory road tax, “permission circular” and insurance, “seguro obligatorio” in Chili has also been paid and is valid until the 1st of April 2020.The most important thing before you buy a car in Chili is to get a RUT number. If you can make a Spanish friend this is easily done by yourself. If you need help, there is a company in Santiago (Suzi Santiago) who can help you for a fee.

After serving as an ambulance for many years, Lance was rebuilt into a campervan in January 2017. Lance is equipped with two-pits gas stove, kitchen utensils (pots, pan, plates, plastic containers, cutlery, tin cups, etc.), a complete bed to keep you warm with extra blankets for when in cold weather, curtains to provide privacy and block streetlights if necessary, tools for minor repairs (we have a lot), snow/ice chains (in 2017 Lance drove all the way to Ushuaia in winter!!). There is a camping table with two chairs and an awesome grill for BBQ. Electronics: a 12-220 (400 Watt) Volt inverter, a Coleman fridge 12 Volt cooler and several 12 Volt outlets. What else?! A tap to store 15 L of drinking water and an additional 40 liters of water hooked up to a pressure regulated pump for doing dishes or taking an outdoor shower! We found this to be absolutely perfect.

Outside measurements: height 242 cm, width 170 cm, length 490 cm. There is one tiny little “cosmetically/superficial” issue: You can see from the photos that the bodywork had suffered quite a few bumps and scratches. Once driving in Chili & Argentina you will soon understand why, especially with an adventurous spirit. Nothing is wrong with the van, and we have been living with the scratches without any problem for the last 6 months. It actually makes the van stealthier;).

Price: 7500 USD

If you have any questions, want more information/pictures or want to buy Lance, send Petra a message on Whatsapp: +56 9 417 70 511, or email: [email protected].

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