FOR SALE: TOYOTA HILUX Camper 4x4 with TISCHER Cabin for sale end of August 2015 in Buenos Aires / Montevideo

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FOR SALE: TOYOTA HILUX Camper 4x4 with TISCHER Cabin for sale end of August 2015 in Buenos Aires / Montevideo


Because of questions about the price I have updated the PDF-document with prices and uploaded it into the forum.

The cabin with all its additional components (see PDF-document) has a production price of 29.242 EUR. For more details please see also the original PDF-document from TISCHER at this LINK ( or below uploaded.
The TOYOTA HILUX has an actual price (with modifications for the cabin, with 190.000 km and construction year 2008) of 9.500 EUR.

The cabin will be used till the end of August 2015 for 8 months – before, the cabin was used very seldom, only at some weekends and during summer holiday in Spain. We would see here a price reduction of 50 % as absolutely correct: 14.621 EUR.
The TOYOTA has an actual price of 9.500EUR and this we would reduce once again 40 % - 5.700 EUR. The TOYOTA has an European number plate (Spanish).

Summing these two prices up, we have 20.321 EUR. The equipment is in our opinion in a really good condition.

We have our flight back to Europe in the second week of September, that’s why selling has to be done till this date in Buenos Aires or Montevideo.

If you are interested, please write an e-mail to [email protected]. We are frequently in the wild without internet access, so sorry that answers can take some time. We can also arrange a Skype call.



Hello We are selling our HILUX Camper (double cabin) with TISCHER cabin (Model BOX 240 – luxury setting) at the end of August 2015 till 10.09.2015 in Montevideo or Buenos Aires. We are a young family from Austria with a 1,5 years old child. We shipped the camper at the end of 2014 to Montevideo and are using it now till end of August as we are returning to Europe then. We have been travelling mainly in Argentina and Chile. The car and the cabin have been produced in the year 2008. We had no real problem during the trip with the equipment (apart from small normal things like a small leak in a grey water tube). With the car we had absolutely no problem. All maintenance intervals of the car have been done like proposed in the service book (see below for more info). We have done some real tough pieces of roads here in South America (besides the RN 40 in Argentinia and the Carretera Austral in Chile) and we have been always really happy with the good equipment. With the 5 kg bottles of propane gas, the 80 liters of water and the solar equipment you can be independent for nearly one week. With the gas you can be independent for about 1,5 months (depending how much you are heating). And with the solar equipment you never need to connect to a 220 V. The cabin can be separated from the car in about 30 min. So you can leave the cabin on the campground and do some day trips only with the Pick-Up if wanted – good advantage. We are the second owner of the car. We bought it from the first owner in Spain. The car had 150.00 km when we bought it. It was for 98 % used only as Pick-Up without cabin because the first owner was using it for work (he was a plumber) and only on paved roads as usual in Europe. They only used the cabin for some weekend trips only in Spain => so we got the equipment as new. Other important reason because we really like this equipment is that here nearly one third of the Pick-Ups (at least in Argentinia) are TOYOTA HILUX. So if you should have any problem, nearly every mechanic in the smallest town can fix it. If you have a Land Rover or a TOYOTA Landcruiser or another not that common car here, you will have more problems to get it repaired. Details and pictures please find in the following PDF document. If you are interested please write an e-mail to [email protected] Martin

Wed, 05/27/2015 - 00:21

Still available?

We are looking for a simmilar vechiel to your Toyota.

We will be arrving into Santiagio towards the end of July. 

Would we need to collect BA, or could the pick up location be flexible?

Does this timing suit you?


Look forward to hearing from you.

[email protected]


Thu, 12/10/2015 - 12:15



did you sell yr camper tischer/toyota hi lux ?

tks coop