For Sale - Van Kia Besta 1997 - 2.2 Santiago Chili

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For Sale - Van Kia Besta 1997 - 2.2 Santiago Chili

Hello everyone!

Today we have to separate from our van Bumblebee. It is a 1997 Kia Besta fully equipped, diesel engine 2.2L. It is visible now on Santiago!


The 1997 Van Kia Besta was first an Escolar (school transport) before being transformed into a campervan by a Chilean. Today it counts more or less 414000 km on the meter and is still in great shape! Don’t be afraid, these vans are known for their ruggedness and can travel the million kilometers if cared for (which was done of course) We have kept records of all the repairs and overhauls done by us and by the various owners before us.

KIA BESTA 1997 Phase I DIESEL 2.7 COLOR YELLOW ENGINE. Propulsion model (really practical in South America) For a 45L tank the consumption is on average 9L/100km. On flat road count 500km, uphill+altitude count approx. 400km.

Routine maintenance was carried out every 7000 km (oil change, gear box change, filters (engine, oil, gas oil and air) + coolant.

Repairs and overhauls performed:

- New radiator (November 2016)
- cylinder head joint (November 2016)
- cardan cross-braces + intermediate axis direction + rack rack direction (May 2017)
- Auxiliary battery (May 2017) + installation key system connected to motor battery.
- Starter (contact), fuses (May 2017)
- New Full Clutch KIT. (Clutch Stopper, Diaphragm, Clutch Mechanism, Disc Lining and Veil, Splined Hub, Steering Wheel and Clutch Fork) purchase (August 2018)
- steering rack (January 2018)
- brake pads change (4) (January 2018)

-exhaust tube change (January 2018)

- front and rear lamp bulbs (January 2018) Grilled Car
- Engine Water Pump Change (April 2018)
- Cardan Crossing Change (May 2018)
- Change joint "tapa de valvula" and crankcase seal (May 2018)
-Change fan bearing (September 2018)
- Installation of a 100W solar panel connected to auxiliary battery with charge controller (February 2019)
-Repair front floor and install rust-proof paint. (February 2019)
- Changing front shockblock cylinbloc (February 2019)
- Radiator cleaning (February 2019)
- Changing front and right rear bearings. (February 2019)
- Change of transmission racks (March 2019)
-Change of two batteries (motor and auxiliary) (March 2019)
- Change of steering rods (March 2019)
- Calibration of injectors and engine cleaning (March 2019)
-New alternator (April 2019)
-New clutch piston (April 2019)
- New rear shock absorber (April 2019)
-New front and rear tires (June 2019)
-Starter maintenance (June 2019)
-New insulation (June 2019)
-Driver door handle (June 2019)
-Repair of all electrical system (June 2018)
-Anti-rust painting on the doors before (June 2018)

Do not be afraid about the last repairs in recent months, it’s just a big check-up we’ve done to make sure the new owners won’t have any problems on the road (yes there are people like that ;) )

Complete maintenance done just before sale (oil, oil, gear box drain, filters (engine, oil, diesel and air) + coolant must at 414,000 km.


Mechanical and other accessories:

- Bach (dim. 2m/1.50m) + «tarp» rest of insulation 3mx2
- Bidon GASOIL (20L)
- Bidons Water 25L
- Galerie de toit ossature métal (dim. 2.20m/1.10m)
- 1 pair of claws CROCO (Battery)
- 2 filter wrenches (for complete emptying)
- 1 lifting CRIC + cross to disassemble the wheels
- 1 NEW spare wheel
- Tool box/ DIY (wrenches/screwdrivers/saws/nails/screws, etc.)
- 1 safety accessory kit (fire extinguisher, triangles and reflective vest)
- 1 sunshade
- 1 anti-flying flywheel
- 1 solar panel connected to an auxiliary battery (Hyper convenient when staying several days in one place!)
- 1 BLACK & DECKER 12V/220V 500W transformer connected to auxiliary battery
- 2 camping chairs and 2 foldable camping stools
- 3 bassinets
- 1 machete
- auto-radio with Bluetooth and USB connection (February 2019)
- Dual USB cigar lighter charger, glove box and empty pockets
- 2 key sets + 1 spare key
- 1 broom
- Guides “LONELY PLANET” and “ROUTARD” more or less old in French or English (Bolivia/Peru/Ecuador/Colombia/Chile/Argentina)



Lower Party Kitchen Furniture:
-Two compartments with in one, two storage cases with kitchen utensils. -In the other, a 5 kg gas cylinder purchased in June 2019 with a Chilean tip (a spare is available on the gallery). A 3 kg Argentine gas bottle with its burner, to cook outside or when you run out of gas out of chili. Dirty water basin of the above sink.

Upper kitchen cabinet:
-1 stove with two burners connected to the gas cylinder: Chilean adapter and regulator
-A sink
-A small mobile work surface installed on the sink
-A hinged lid to close the cabinet
-a led tape attached to the lid and connected to the auxiliary battery to illuminate the kitchen
-A wooden table (dim. 70cm/55cm) to be fixed on the kitchen furniture, with a metal foot in support (The table is also used for outdoor use)

Bed/ storage/ shelves:

-Convertible sofa bed (10-sec manip), with large storage capacity (approx. 250L) underneath the sofa, two 45L storage cases with lid (clothing has been put in)
-1 double mattress size 185cm/115cm (sleeps rather well) -On the left side two storage boxes of about 30 L each.
- 2 fixed shelves above the 2 chests
-Wooden seating with cushion fixed behind the front seats (allowing to eat in front of each other)
-Case fitted with 3 boxes and different spaces for cans, chairs, mechanical equipment
-All led ribbons are connected to the auxiliary battery. 1 is fixed above the shelves and works with the one above the sliding door. 1 below the shelves to see inside the shelves
-3 Removable lamps with rechargeable batteries attached to the top of the table, sofa and bed for use as an auxiliary and bedside lamp.
-sets of blue home-made curtains that attach and isolate by pressing button.
-1 quilt in feather two places, 2 plaids, 2 pillows, bed sheets x2
-1 hot water bottle
-2 cups/Mug, 4 glasses of which 1 wine. Set of plastic dishes + 2 bowls and 2 ceramic plates. Cutting board, tupperware, rags, pans, 2 stoves (1 new!) Italian coffee maker, box opener, tea clip, vegetable grater... Everything you need to cook well !!


TO recap:

The -
- Stripes on the bodywork, painting of aging origin. The exterior appearance of the van is not first-rate!

The + :
- Very common model in chili and in South America! And so it goes unnoticed despite its striking color. - Super well maintained mechanics.
- Simple mechanics without electronics, so easy to repair at any mechanic
- a reasonable size that allows it to be parked in a normal car park and in underground car parks
- a solar panel.
- A really well-thought-out, practical, aesthetically pleasing layout with plenty of storage space! With excellent thermal and sound insulation!
- Rolls and especially starts cold at high altitude (tested at 4800m)


Price 4400€ 0 3.000.000$CL

Whatsaps: +33755600683
The van will be available from June in Chile.
Do not hesitate to contact me for more information!

ps : to see the picture it’s here (it doesn’t work here..)